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There is a lot of hidden treasures, lost or forgotten in the archives of a number of public radio stations. These are dozens of sketches and songs which Fairuz and the Rahbani Brothers recorded a long time ago. Fortunately, they are starting to surface as these stations think money-wise, or maybe culture-wise but that doesn't seem to be case here. The album contains four of these sketches of which you can't find any information whatsoever in the booklet; when and where were they written and what were the situations of the recording? It's great to find these forgotten sketches but something feels missing. A final note, rest in peace Philemon, you make me laugh out loud, you're the best.

All Songs were written by: The Rahbani Brothers.

Album tracks:
1. Allayl Anashid Wel 'Omen Maoa'eed 12'27"
2. Ardouna .. Anshodat Elzaman 13'57"
3. 'ain Elrouman 13'15"
4. Almalha Alakhder 10'48"

Approx. time 50'27" - 740

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