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Ana Ou Sehrani
The songs were originally produced in the sixties in different occasions and they follow the same musical and lyrical approach found in other songs that were written in that period.

Elias' song stands out. First it felt odd being placed in this album. I think there should be an album released that contains the songs Elias wrote for Fairuz. This song is great. There are better sounding versions of 'Shal' and 'Yara' than the ones in the Andaloussiyat album. Nasri Shameseddine also sings in Yaoum Ou Yaoumain.

The booklet contains all the lyrics of the songs (with some mistakes unfortunately) as well as a number of articles and pictures.

All Songs were written by: The Rahbani Brothers except: 6, 10 and 11 poems by Said Akl, 4 poem by Michel Trad, and 9 music by Elias Rahbani

Album tracks:
1. Ya Qamar Ala Daretna 2'34"
2. Ya Hala Ya Habibi 2'53"
3. Ghali El Dahab 3'50"
4. Gulnar 5'14"
5. Ana Ou Sehrani 3'10"
6. Oummi Ya Malaki 3'57"
7. Ya Habibi Koullama 5'30"
8. Ghibi Ou La Tghibi 2'49"
9. Al Ouda El Mensiyyi 3'09"
10. Shal 4'37"
11. Yara 4'31"
12. Yaoum Ou Yaoumain 4'47"
13. Betchouf Boukra 5'57"
14. Reddi Mandilik Reddi 5'39"
15. Ana La Habibi 3'

Approx. time 62'08" - VDLCD 647

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