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Live At Beiteddine 2000
This is the latest release by Fairuz. But it's more than that. It is everything. Who is Fairuz? Fairuz is my link. She is the one who always extends a hand in the worst days of my mental isolation. She is more than that. She exists within the cells of my brain. And in the worst days of religious confusion, God tells me, look there you spoiled creature, I created Fairuz. I listen to her and I stop whining.

All Songs were written by: Ziad Rahbani expect:
La Inta Habibi, Btitloj Edenii, Ya Mahla Layli and Nassam Alayna by Rahbani brothers. Ahu Dalli Sar by Badih Khairi and Sayed Darwish. Lyrics of Habbaytak Tnseet Enoum by Joseph Harb.
Arranged by Ziad Rahbani. Released in February 2001.

Album tracks:
1. Beiteddine Opening 4'06"
2. La Inta Habibi 4'57"
3. Endi Sika Feek 3'19"
4. Kifak Inta 3'51"
5. Prelude (Mais Erim) 3'19"
6. 'shtaktillak 2'45"
7. Shu Hal Iam 4'29"
8. The National Lebanese Resistance 3'22"
9. 'bititlojil Dini 4'00"
10. Tinzakar Ma Tinaad 3'27"
11. Kbiril Mazha Hay 5'27"
12. Ahu Dalli Sar 3'51"
13. Ya Mahla Layalil Hawa 3'34"
14. Habaytak Ta Nsit Elnaum 5'21"
15. Talfan Ayyash 5'20"
16. Sabah Wu Masa 4'11"
17. Nassam Alayna 4'53"

Approx. time 70'22" - Relax In/EMI

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See the booklet.