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Bi Layl We Chiti
Just like Mansour and Assi, late Philemon Wehbe and Joseph Harb joined together to write some of the greatest songs to Fairouz. Of course Philemon composed other Rahbani Lyrics and many other Harb's poems were composed by Ziad Rahbani. This album contains four of those songs. Voix de l'Orient (Fairouz's label) could have added another four songs from 'Dahab Ayloul' which I could not find on CDs but rather on cassettes. It's safe to say that these songs are different from what the Rahbani Brothers wrote, but still as great and beautiful and mind blowing. If you'd listen to the lyrics, the music and the pure voice of Fairouz, you'll instantly get high because this is unbelievable. You can also find the lyrics of all the songs in the booklet (actually the booklet is only one paper).

All Songs were written by Philemon Wehbe (music) and Joseph Harb (poems).

Album tracks:
1. Lama Albab 6'42"
2. Zahrit el Jinoub 6'19"
3. Bi Layl We Chiti 5'12"
4. Asamina 6'55"

Approx. time 25'08" - VDLCD 511

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