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Christmas Carols
From East and West - St. Margaret's Church Westminster
It doesn't say on the cover when this concert took place, but I think it's safe to say sometime in the eighties. Some of the carols are also available in the earlier Christmas Hymns. Even though the Rahbani Brothers wrote the music and lyrics for one carol, it's a masterpiece. What's distinctive about the versions of the carols on this album is the arrangement of instruments and audio quality. For instance, the low quality of the audio in Chobho Lhaw Qolo/Soubhan ElKalema on the Hymns album didn't do the hymn its justice. It sounds far holier on this album. There are also other carols and hymns on the album which make the album a must by, including a version of 'We wish you a Merry Christmas' which Fairuz sings in English and sounds very nice.

The words of Talj Talj, Chobho Lhaw Qolo (Arabic Part), Laylet Eid and Ayed Ellayl were written by The Rahbani brothers. The words of Hallelo Hallelouya, Kena Nezayn Shagara Saghira, Eid Eldeni, Molok Elmajoos and Roh Zorhon Bebayton by Joseph Harb
Music of Talj Talj by the Rahbani Brothers. The music of the other carols are based on previously written ones. See the album tracks below for more information.

With Members of the London Chamber Orchestra
Music Arranged by ROWLAND LEE
Organized by the British Lebanese Association.

Album tracks:
1. Amanou Morio (Syriac Hymn)
2. Talj Talj
3. Chobho Lhaw Qolo (Syriac Hymn)
4. Laylet Eid (Jingle Bells/American Tradition)
5. Adeste Fideles (Music by John F. Wade)
6. Hallelo Hallelouya (Il Est Ne Le Divin Enfant/French Carol)
7. Kena Nezayn Shagara Saghira (God Rest Ye Merry Christmas/ Traditional English Carol)
8. Eid Eldeni (O Tannenbaum/Traditional German Carol)
9. Tzakar Ya Habibi (Joy to the World/Music by Handel)
10. Molok Elmajoos (Bizet Carol/Music by Bizet)
11. Roh Zorhon Bebayton (Go Tell It on the Mountain/Negro-Spiritual)
12. Ayed Ellayl (Silent Night/Music by Franz Gruber)
13. We Wish You a Merry Christmas (Traditional English Carol)
14. Laylet Eid (reprise) (Jingle Bells Reprise)

Approx. time 34'32" - VDLCD 515

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