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Christmas Hymns
Even though Christmas is months away, the album gets you in the spirit of the holidays. I am sitting here anticipating snow to come falling. Or Santa to come down the chimney, even though there's no chimney.
Unlike many other albums, all the songs on this album have the same theme, Christmas. What a revelation huh? Anyway from the introductory church bells through the other hymns and finally with church bells again, it's all about Christmas. And like Christmas it's ends fast.
In the booklet, there are a number of photos taken from a television show.

All Songs are traditional.
Lyrics and arrangments made by The Rahbani Brothers.

Album tracks:
1. Carillons 1'
2. Sawt El Eid (Silent Night) 2'40"
3. Laylet Eid (Jingle Bells) 2'51"
4. Talj Talj 2'21"
5. Najmet Eid (Les Anges Dans Nos Campagnes) 2'57"
6. Ya Mariyam El Bekr 3'08"
7. Soubhan El Kalima 4'01"
8. Arsalallah 5'04"
9. Ya Oum Allah 4'
10. Carillons 2'22"

Approx. time 30'46" - VDLCD 593

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