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Chante Philemon Wehbe
This is yet another compilation of the songs Fairuz did with late Philemon Wehbe. This one consists of 12 songs. Some of them are taken from plays like Sayyef ya Sayf from 'Jibal As-swan' and Men Ezz Enoum from Loulou. There are two poems written by Joseph Harb. One can be found on Bi Layl We Chiti and the other on Dahab Ayloul. Also Tiri Ya Tayara is a nice children's song which can be found on Bint Al Harras soundtrack. OK, enough with the listing of songs. It's a great addition to anyone's collection. So get it. The booklet contains some written statments by Fairuz, Late Mohamed AbdelWahab and Saiid Akl about Wehbe.

All Songs were written by Philemon Wehbe (Music) and The Rahbani Brothers (Poems/Lyrics) except for the poems of songs 2 and 3 were written by the great Joseph Harb.

Album tracks:
1. Jaybeli Salam 4'46"
2. Ya Rayt Mennon 7'29"
3. Lamma Al Bab 6'44"
4. Ana Khaoufi 5'24"
5. Attahuneh 4'07"
6. Katabna Ou Ma Katabna 5'07"
7. Ya Mersal El Marassil 3'47"
8. Ya Dara Douri Fina 4'35"
9. Min Ezz Ennoum B'tesrekni 4'32"
10. Sayyef Ya Sayf 3'36"
11. Ya Karm El Alaly 2'19"
12. Tiri Ya Tayara. 3'28"

Approx. time 55'53" - VDLCD 563

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