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Chante Zaki Nassif
I love Zaki Nassif. Because he makes me speechless. His music and words are heavenly. I bought this album mainly because I like Aabali Ya Amar Dabka to find out that I know almost all other songs in the album. I don't know where I heard them but they feel close to me. I can't wipe a smile off my face when I listen to this album because it's really that amazing. Fairuz didn't do a lot of songs with Nassif prior to this album. She then asked him to write her some songs and they made this album. The technical quality of this album is excellent. The booklet of this album contains the poems including 'Ya Bani Oummi/O My Nation' which was written by Gibran

All Songs were written by Zaki Nassif except for 'Ya Bani Oummi' which poem was written by Gibran Khalil Gibran.

Album tracks:
1. Aa droub el hawa 4'46"
2. Saharetna'l basamate 6'11"
3. Men yaoum tgharrabna 4'25"
4. Oummi'l habiba 6'06"
5. Ahwak 4'46"
6. Bnadilak ya habibi 4'38"
7. Fawk hatika'lrouba 6'25"
8. Aabali ya amar 4'54"
9. Ya bani oummi 11'25"

Approx. time 54'06" - VDLCD 577

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