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Dabkat Vol. 1 & 2
Vol. 1: You want to dance? Badak tedbok? Get this album. Released in 1996 and followed by a second volume, this is the collection of the Dabkat sung by Fairuz and performed by dozens of dancers on stage back in the old days. Again, this is not a review on the quality of the songs themselves, you should get all the albums, it's rather to tell you about the technical and overall qualities of this CD. The audio quality of the songs changes from one song to another, reflecting the quality of the albums the songs are taken from. Some songs sound great and a couple don't but overall they all sound okay. In the booklet there is an article written in Arabic, French and English on the Dabkah dance in general and some images of old Fairuz vinyl records. It's very enjoyable, get it.
Vol. 2: Most new work by Fairuz, that's made with Ziad, is released by Relax-In label. Well that left Voix de l'Orient releasing compilation albums. They released the Dabkat songs on two albums, this second volume contains 16 songs taken from the plays, films and festivals. Like the first one, the audio quality of the songs in this album varies from one song to another. The booklet contains shots of the covers of original vinyl records and is of great quality. Together with Vol. 1, it's a great addition to your collection.

All Songs in Vol. 1 were written by: The Rahbani Brothers except for music of 'Ya Jabal ElShiek' was written by Ziad and music and poem of Aabali Ya Amar were written by Zaki Nassif.
All Songs in Vol. 2 were written by: The Rahbani Brothers except for the music of Sayyef Ya Sayf by Philemon Wehbe.

Album tracks:
Vol. 1:
1. Khattet Adamkon 4'09"
2. Ya Hajal Sannine 3'22"
3. Alli Alli 2'39"
4. Bayi Rah 3'22"
5. Da'oul Mahabij 6'50"
6. Addouara 2'23"
7. Ya Shawish 2'21"
8. Ma Nam El Leil 2'58"
9. Ya Ghaym Essayf 2'55"
10. Ya Jabal ElSheik 2'57"
11. Medwyie 3'30"
12. Gomr Elghadayer 3'09"
13. Aabali Ya Amar 4'56"
Approx. time 45'33" - VDLCD 635
Vol. 2:
1. Dabket El Mij 2'56"
2. Dabket Loubnan 4'32"
3. Markabna Almina 3'
4. Ya Meghzal 3'25"
5. Ya Natour El Qamrieh 2'29"
6. Hayyadou El Helwine 3'17"
7. Koltelak Shi 2'27"
8. Dirou El Mayi 5'15"
9. Chatti Ya Dinyi 2'59"
10. Bi'adelha Elbi'adel 3'39"
11. Enabiyi 3'08"
12. Jabaliyi 3'33"
13. Sayyef Ya Sayf 3'28"
14. Hab El Hawa 3'19"
15. Ghayyarou 2'53"
16. Sahretna 3'08"
Approx. time 54'05" - VDLCD 643

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