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Damascus Festival 1960
Damascus festivals had been a favorite destination for the Rahbani Brothers and Fairuz. They performed many plays and concerts there. There were also many television productions that were recorded in the Syrian television studios. The cover of the album has a picture from one of these productions, the Andaloyssiat/Die'et Alaghani, minutes before the performers start dancing to the song of Ya Ghosn Naka. The other image is from Rings for Sale film. Most of the songs are found in that production, Die'et Alaghani, which led me to believe that the concert and the television prgoram were both produced in the same year. The booklet itself is of high quality, it contains a number of images and a small article in Arabic and English. As for the concert itself, it begins with the entire Sailini song which was written by Said Akl and is also available in Qasaed album. Also, Mansour (?) makes a great introduction to Lama Badda. This is one of few live concerts available on compact discs. It gives us a glimpse of the concerts performed by Fairuz and the Rahbani Brothers in the early 60's period. It documents the song lists of these concerts. They can easily be compared with the 70's, 80's and 90's lists. It's interesting to find that some songs, like Shatti Ya Diny and Nihna Welamar Jiran, have been regulars in most of the concerts. The audio quality is good for a live recording from the 60s. There is some kind of a plane that goes by one minute into Lama Badda and causes some audio disturbance. Other than that it's fine.

All Songs were written by: The Rahbani Brothers except for the following poems: 1,19 by Saiid Akl, 2,17 by Michel Trad, 3,5,16 (and music) are traditional, 7,10 (and music) are old poems and 15 by Abdullah Ghanem.

Album tracks:
1. Sailini 9'12"
2. Mawal Enta Ou Ana 2'06"
3. Ya Hnayina 1'52"
4. Fi Lina Ya Hob 1'30"
5. Kalouli Kenn 2'19"
6. Wa E'det El Helwi 6'30"
7. Lamma Bada 2'26"
8. Lamlamtou Thikra 3'25"
9. Wal Dawali Dawalina 2'03"
10. Jadaka'l Ghaythou 2'55"
11. Aam Betdawi Elchams 2'33"
12. Shatti Ya Denyi 3'
13. Ya Rayt 3'20"
14. Ya Qamar Ana Weyak 4'24"
15. Daqett Ala Sadri 3'35"
16. Ya Tira Tiri 1'36"
17. Bikoukhna Ya'bni 5'46"
18. Nehna Wel Qamar 3'02"
19. Mechwar 4'28"
20. Sahretna 3'42"

Approx. time 69'56" - VDLCD 652

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