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Immortal Songs
I have to give the credit to whoever compiled this album as most of the songs sound as if there were originally released together. I think this is clear when you observe the use of instruments in the songs espically the arrangments of violins. The album itself has a strange feeling to it. I don't know how to explain it, but let me put this way, they don't write songs like these anymore. Some of the songs sound as if they were taken from a 60's romantic film. There is a song 'Alkitaf' which with its vivid images sounds like it was taken from a musical film set in the time of harvest. The album includes two of Shiek Said Darwish's classics, everyone's favorite 'Tel'et Ya Mahla Nourha' and 'Zouroni' with which Fairuz ends almost every concert.

All Songs were written by: The Rahbani Brothers except for:
Music of 1,3,4,5,6 and 7 is traditional.
Music of 11 is based on Tango and arranged by the Rahbani Brothers.
Music and lyrics of 14 and 15 by Sayd Darwish
(additions and corrections to the writing credits are most welcomed.)

Album tracks:
1. Outhkourini 3'
2. Ya Laure Hoboki 2'55"
3. Yaman Yahinou 2'45"
4. Ya Mit Masa 2'55"
5. Marmar Zamani 2'50"
6. Dabkeh Almej 3'
7. Lamlamtou Thikra 3'
8. Bkoukhna Yabni 6'
9. Radieh 6'10"
10. Loubnab Ya Akhder Helou 2'40"
11. Tango Ya Zanbak 3'
12. Daraj Elward 3'25"
13. Alkitaf 10'
14. Telet Ya Mahla Norha 3'
15. Zourouni 2'55

Approx. 59'35" - VDLCD 560

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