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As the booklet reads, in 1960 the Rahbani Brothers sent to Abdelwahab asking him to make arrangments of the songs 'Ya Garat Elwadi' and 'Khayefakolil'. They suggested that Fairuz record sthese songs in the new formed company Soutelfan. Abdelwahab was delighted with idea of composing to Fairuz. He said that any composer would be proud to write for her. Aside from the two songs the Rahbani Brothers asked for, Abdelwahab composed two more songs for Fairuz, 'Ishar' (it's really 'Es'har') and 'Sakana Elleyl'. All these songs along with the rest on this album, which were acquired from the Rahbani Brothers, were released in 1961. Over 35 years now, it's re-mastered and re-released. The lyrics/poems (and many typos) are available in the booklet in Arabic and English. The album is also known as 'Fairuz sings Mohamed Abdelwahab'.

All Songs were written by: The Rahbani Brothers except for music of 1,2,3 and 4 by Mohamed Abdelwahab. Poems of 2 by Ahmed Abdelmajid, 3 by Ahmed Shouki and 4 by Gibran Khalil Gibran.

Album tracks:
1. Ishar 5'01"
2. Khaifakolil 3'57"
3. Ya Garatal Wadi 6'44"
4. Sakana Al Leyl 9'50"
5. Habbyetak 3'21"
6. Dhakhilik Ya Emmi 2'56"
7. Dak Elhawa 3'43"
8. Fayek Walla Nassi 3'27"

Approx. time 39'24"

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