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Kifak Inta
Very orchestral. The music sounds like it was deprived from Fairouz's voice. They both fit perfectly. The recording is very clean and of high quality. In track 5 and 6 we get to listen to Fairouz and Ziad rehearsing in the studio. I have to admit I didn't like half the songs at first because they were different, but now I consider the album from the best Fairouz ever made. You will also find the music arrangements similar to those of 'To Assy'. 'Ya Leili' is from a live show. 'It's not a problem' is very cool and the instrumental 'Dia'anou' is stunning. The rest are all great.

All Songs were written by: Ziad Rahbani except:
Lyrics of 'You Can Forget' by Joseph Harb.

Album tracks:
1. Farewell Song 4'03"
2. You Can Forget 3'02"
3. Overture 87 1'40"
4. Ya Leili Leili Leili 7'05"
5. Reprise 1'15"
6. Prova 3'31"
7. Kifak Inta 3'29"
8. Dia'anou 3'13" *
9. Something Is happening 2'44"
10. Indi Thika Fik 4'23"
11. It's Not a Problem 6'44"
* In memory of AbdelRahman Al-Labbane

Approx. time 41'38" - RELCD 528

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