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Lebanon Forever
Fairuz and the Rahbani Brothers love Lebanon sincerely. Their talents reach new potentials when they write songs about their beloved country. Something which Ziad criticizes very much. He says that they built a great place in their songs which long gone immigrants, for instance, didn't find when they returned. Maybe that's why he didn't include any of those songs in his and Fairuz's tribute to Assy. But certainly there is a lot of truth in the Rahbani songs. Times change and the Rahbani songs are about the land and the nature, birds, air and roses which will always be there although percieved differently with time as people become more and more urbanized. If you are away from your home or if you live your busy life in the city, then for some peace of mind, and some nostalgia too, listen to this album.
The booklet contains the poems of three of the songs and some landscape pictures from Lebanon.

All Songs were written by: The Rahbani Brothers except poems of 6 and 7 by Saiid Akl and music of 7 by Ziad Rahbani

Album tracks:
1. Hikli Hikili An Baladi 5'33"
2. Rejeet Al Assfoura 8'14"
3. Watani 3'12"
4. Fi Ahwa Al Mafrek 2'38"
5. Zenobia 8'51"
6. Assiadt Loubnan 10'22"
7. Ya Jabal AlShiek 2'56"
8. Rudni Ela Beladi 6'02"
9. Bedna n'Kammel 4'37"

Approx. time 52'42" - VDLCD 544

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