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It's been customary that whenever Fairuz performs a concert overseas, she starts it with a song dedicated to the hosting country. She still do it, like recently in the Tunisian concerts. These songs are composed for those special occasions. And when you start thinking 'why it's hard to find these songs', EMI Arabia releases this album which contains some of them. They tag along that it's a live recording which should warn you a little about the audio quality which is medicore really. The booklet contains all the poems in Arabic, English and French.

All Songs were written by: The Rahbani Brothers except for poems of Beirut Hal Thatafat by Beshara Elkoury and Amman by the Saiid Akl.

Album tracks:
1. Beirut Hal Tharafat 6'21"
2. Ya Mina El Habayeb 6'17"
3. Amman 6'58"
4. Al Kuwait 6'02"
5. Hamaltu Beirut 8'22"
6. Misr Adat 8'50"
7. Baghdad Wal Chouarra 9'10"

Approx. time 52'21" - EMI 0946 310964-2 6

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