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Maarifti Feek
This is the second album made by Fairuz and Ziad. Some of the songs are 80's oriented, especially in the arrangements, for instance the beginning of the 84 Introduction sounds like music featured in 80's movies. But not to scare you away, because that same piece of music develops to one of Ziad's best pieces as different arrangements based on Violins prevail, and near the end of it, in the last 40 seconds or so, it sounds like classical music. The music and arrangements of almost all of the other songs are close to 'Kifk Inta' album. Joseph Harb contributes with four of his greatest poems and the songs themselves are very popular. There is also another fun and popular song 'Oudak Ranan' featured in this album and you will probably miss Fairuz’s voice on Aintoura but it will give a chance to conceive the Rahbani’s musical genius or maybe a chance to sing it yourself. Get this album even if you don't like Fairuz’s other albums with Ziad. The sound is clear, all of the songs are studio versions. However, the booklet doesn't contain much information.

All Songs were written by: Ziad Rahbani except:
The poems of 1,4,7 and 9 by Joesph Harb.
The music of 7 by Eugene Rodriguo and arranged by Ziad.
Music and lyrics of 8 by Rahbani Brothers and arranged by Ziad.

Album tracks:
1. Khaleek Belbayt 4'15"
2. '84 Introduction 2'44"
3. Ala'ola 4'38"
4. Rah Neba'a Sawa 4'47"
5. Maarifti Feek 2'13"
6. '83 Reprise 1'02"
7. Labeirout 4'13"
8. 'aintoura 2'37"
9. Ma 'edart Nseet 4'32"
10. 'oudak Ranan 5'11"
11. Altania 2'24"

Approx. time 38'36" - RELCD 505

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