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Poeme d'Amour
With Fairuz - Wadi Al Safi - Nasri Shamsedine
In 1973 Almahatta was performed in The Piccadilly. So the Rahbani Brothers wrote Poeme D'Amour for the summer Baalbeck festivals. Some of it was written before for other earlier performances but there were many new performances too. The singers included Fairuz, Wadi Alsafi and Nasri Shamesdine. There were also other familiar singers and performers from the Rahbani troupe including Huda, William Haswani, Joesph Nassif and always funny Philemon Wehbe. The most significant aspect of this work, however, is that it was the last performance produced for Baalbeck by the Rahbani Brothers. The quality of the album is great but all the songs are on one track on each CD which is frustrating to say the least. The booklet also doesn't contain much information.

All Songs were written by:
CD1: 1,3,7,8,10,12,15 written By the The Rahbani Brothers
CD1: 2,4,6,9 written By the Rahbani Brothers and Elias Rahbani
CD1: 5,14 written By Elias Rahbani
CD1: 11 written By the Rahbani Brothers and Wadi Alsafi
CD1: 13 written By Ziad Rahbani
CD2: 1,2,3,5,11 written By The Rahbani Brothers
CD2: 4,9 Traditional/Arranged by The Rahbani Brothers
CD2: 6,10 written By Elias Rahbani
CD2: 7 Traditioanl/Lyrics and Arranged by Elias Rahbani
CD2: 8 written By Rahbani Brothers and Philemon Wehbe

Album tracks:
CD 1 54'59"
1. Overture
2. Jinaddar
3. Al Bal Ya Ousfourat (Wadi Alsafi)
4. Katalouni Ouyouna'ssoud (Wadi Alsafi)
5. Awafi Ya Zahiye (Nawal al Kekk and Marwan Mahfouz)
6. Ya Ekhwann/ Menkoul Khlessna (Nasri Shamesdin)
7. Ya Albi La Tet'ab Albak (Fairuz)
8. Ya La La La (Fairuz)
9. Shurti Asseyer (Philemon Wehbe)
10. Awafi Ya Bou Saleh (Wadi Alsafi)
11. Sha'eb Alhawa (Wadi Alsafi)
12. Alhada (Wadi Alsafi)
13. Addyesh Kan Fi Nas (Fairuz)
14. Ya Tayr el Wourwar (Fairuz)
15. Talaat Rasayel (Huda, Joesph Nassif, Willaim Heswani, Marwan Mahfouz)
CD 2 57'38"
1. Nahna we Alamar Jiran (Fairuz)
2. Saherna Saherna (Fairuz and Wadi Alsafi)
3. Overture
4. Mouwashahat - Old Poems
5. Almatalib (Philemon Wehbe, Nasri Shamesdin, Huda, Joesph Nassif and Zeinah)
6. Raksat Hobb
7. Ala Dalouna (Nasri Shamesdin)
8. Ala Jisr El Laouziyeh (Fairuz)
9. Yelba'lak Shak El Elmass (Fairuz)
10. Yay Yay Ya Nassini (Georgette Sayegh)
11. Mousalaha (Fairuz, Wadi Alsafi and Nasri Shamesdin)

Approx. time 112'37" - VDLCD 530

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