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Maybe a better title for this album can be 'Fairuz sings Alsham' or maybe even 'sings Saiid Akl'. He has five poems in the album. This is a collection of these songs from live performances. Unfortunatly, the quality of the audio is not great. What is strikingly different about this album, is that even though it's released by Voix de l'Orient, it contains all the poems within the booklet. The booklet itself is of hight quality. I think Sham Ya Tha Sayf is the most popular of this collection. And it's worth getting the album for. Not to undermine the rest of the songs which most are of the same greatness. I don't think there are studio versions of these songs. I think the problem as Ziad has put it in one interview when he was comparing the difficulties Assy, Mansour and Fairuz had when recording the songs and the limitations they had because of high expenses, with today's artists who go abroad to record their crappy music in the most expensive studios. That was one of the reasons which made him go with making 'To Assy' album. Anyway, back to these songs. They need a lot of instruments and couldn't have been made on the four track machine the Rahbanis worked on. The only alternative, I think, was to record them live.

All Songs were written by: The Rahbani Brothers except for the following poems: 1,2,3,5,7 by Saiid Akl and 6 by Beshara Elkoury (Alakhtal Alsaghir.) The music of number 1 was composed by Mohamed Abdelwahab.

Album tracks:
1. Mourra Bi 10'48"
2. Sailini 9'16"
3. Nassamat 8'24"
4. Ya Sham Aada'l Sayf 6'53"
5. Qara'tou Majdaka 9'07"
6. Ya Rouba 4'17"
7. Sham Ya Thalsayf 6'48"
8. Khodni B'aaynayk 12'46"

Approx. time 68'37" - VDLCD 621

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