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Originally released in 1957 as a result of the Palestinian catastrophe 'AlNakba', this album placed flames in the hearts of the Arabs at that time and earned the Rahbani Brothers the title 'Abbaa El3amal Alfedaii/Fathers of the Sacrificial Work (Resistance)'. The emotions filled in Fairouz 's voice, and the great poetic/musical pieces are what make this album a 'prodigy' as Nagat Kassab, a critic, calls in the article 'Art and Land', written in 1957 and found in the booklet of the album. This album is a must if you are one of us. We are the professionals of the sorrow and the awaiting.

All Songs were written by:The Rahbani Brothers.

Album tracks:
1. Rajioun 13'59"
2. Ahtarifoul Houzna 6'17"
3. Rajihta Fil Masa' 3'05"
4. Ya Jisran Khashabiyan 2'57"
5. Jisr El Awda 5'19"
6. Ya Sahiral Aynayn 2'47"
7. Inda Himaha 2'56"
8. Baadana 3'03"
9. Baldati Ghabton Jamila 2'35"
10. Marraytou Bishawareh 3'23"

Approx. time 46'39" - VDLCD 546

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