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At The Royal Festival Hall London 1986
Imagine you're standing in front of Royal Festival Hall in London on 13th of June 1986. It's 7:30 PM. It doesn't take long to realize it's one of the greatest summer nights of that year. Fairuz is performing in there. It really is something. While the Olympia album had the Rahbani brothers influence, this one was conducted by Ziad. The musical arrangements of the songs are very clear to be of Ziad. It seems that these same arrangements gave Ziad a lot of help when he started working on the To Assy album. If not for the date on the album, you'd think this concert was performed after the release of the To Assy album. The quality of the album is great and like the Olympia album, the clarity makes you feel you're there. Ziad played on the Piano and he did great by managing to play with the Orchestra in perfect harmony. He also made Khodni beautifully. Really amazing, only the Piano with Fairuz. Then Beaoulou Saghair Baladi starts and the applause gets warmer and warmer. Definitely the album doesn't include the entire concert. Maybe they cut out the other instrumentals and the choir songs. After all, How can a Fairuz concert be 45 minutes only? The booklet has articles in the three languages (Arabic, French and English) as well as pictures from the concert.

All Songs were written by: The Rahbani Brothers except:
The music of 1,3(and lyrics),7,8 by Ziad Rahbani.
Poem of 8 by Talal Haydar
Music and lyrics of 13 by Sayd Darwish
All music arranged by Ziad Rahbani except 11 and 13.

Album tracks:
1. Introduction 83 2'43"
2. Shatty Ya Deney 3'20"
3. Addeysh Kan Fi Nas 3'45"
4. Sanarjiou Yaouman 6'05"
5. Nassam Alayna 4'18"
6. Hela Ya Wesse' 3'30"
7. Instrumental Tadmur 2'43"
8. Wahdon 3'25"
9. Nehna Wel Qamar 3'20"
10. Khodni 2'36"
11. Beoulou Zghayar 1'50"
12. Trab Antoura 2'35"
13. Zourouni 2'40"

Approx. time 43'11" - VDLCD 509

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