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Reminiscing With Fairuz
A very nostalgic album that's more than worthy of its title. You've probably heard at least one of the songs here even if you can't recognize the names. I say this because even though some of the songs I haven't heard before, I feel like I've known all my life. Although some may complain about the technical quality of this CD, I think this low quality adds to the nostalgic, vintage feeling of the songs. The booklet has some pictures and a couple of articles. There is also a nice illustrated catalogue of the Fairouz albums available from Voix de'lOrient. Mind you that there are a number of other albums released on other labels, most notably 'Kifak Inta' which is available from Ahmed Moussa.

All Songs were written by: The Rahbani Brothers. But there is also a number of songs based on traditional music and poetry.

Album tracks:
1. Aazzaroura 3'00"
2. Ya Ghozayel 2'42"
3. Nahna Wal Amar 3'04"
4. Ya Helou Ya Amar 3'10"
5. Ya Mayila Al Ghousoun 3'09"
6. Al Bint Al Chalabiya 3'09"
7. Nehna Widyab El-Ghabat 2'55"
8. Ila Raiya 6'09"
9. Azzaynou Ezzainou 3'11"
10. Ya Rabi 3'07"
11. Kaif Halak Ya Jar 3'02"
12. Ya Henayena 3'12"
13. Halalya 3'10"
14. Taht El Ariche 3'31"
15. Debna Ouma Tebna 3'12"
16. Al Yadil El Yadi 3'00"

Approx. time 53'50" - VDLCD 623

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