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Soiree Avec Fairuz 2
Some of the early songs by Fairuz and the Rahbani brothers. They show very clearly they were competent in the traditional Arabic music. Maybe testing or maybe they were trying to prove that they could make such music. But difinitly they were showing respect to the genre. Although later they developed their own genre, which early works can also be found on this record, they maintained some close distance to this music by writing for it once in a while. Again quality is like listening to very old records, there are audio pops all through the songs. Whether this adds to the quality of the nostalgic factor or not, you be the judge.

All Songs were written by: The Rahbani Brothers except poems of 2 by Asaad Saba and 5 by Abdullah Ghanem.

Album tracks:
1. Etab 6'14"
2. Min Dallak 5'51"
3. Ghire 6'09"
4. Ya Ba Lala 2'43"
5. Daket Ala Sadri 2'50"
6. Wakef Ya Asamr 5'49"
7. Rajiaa 6'06"

Approx. time 35'42" - VDLCD 527

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