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Safarbarlek/Bint El-Harass
This is a double soundtrack and if that wasn't enough, there is even more hit songs than you can handle, totaling 26 tracks. However, it's hard for anyone who has not seen the films to know which song belongs to which soundtrack. There are a number of instrumental tracks that are beautiful especially 'Hannin' and 'El Dikool Ila El Saraia'. The songs on this album are classics and each and every one of them gives me a certain feeling, Fairouz's vocals are at their best, the music is enchanting and the quality of the album is great. I can't see a reason why anyone would not already have a copy. In the booklet, there is a synopsis of each of the two films in both Arabic and English and that's about all. It's not really the best of booklets, but for sure it's better than any cassette booklet.

All Songs were written by: The Rahbani Brothers but obviously this is a mistake done by the record label, for instance Tik Tik and Tiri ya Tayara were composed by Philemon Wehbe, and Ya Akdel Hagebayne was written by Beshara Elkhoury and composed by Salim Elhelou.

Album tracks:
1. Ya Tayr 4'30"
2. Maoual Ataba* 1'17"
3. Fi Intithar Alkitar** 1'50"
4. Telly Ya Helwi* 1'30"
5. Ya Ahl Eddar 3'12"
6. Hannin** 2'29"
7. Amshi Ala Mi Ykader Allah* 2'01"
8. El Harap wa El Katil** 1'49"
9. Allamouni 3'16"
10. El Kafilla Fi El Jibal** 1'24"
11. Rakiset El Makiha** 2'55"
12. Maoual Ya Ma'char Ennass* 2'11"
13. El Dikool Ila El Seraaiaa** 1'49"
14. Enabiya 3'09"
15. Dabke Addoura 2'22"
16. Nassam Alayna El-Hawa 3'59"
17. Itla'i Ya Arusa 2'21"
18. Yalla Tenam Rima 2'28"
19. Tir Ya Tayara 3'24"
20. Ya Akdel Hagebayne 3'50"
21. Tik Tik Tik 2'09"
22. Amara Ya Amara 4'28"
23. Ya Gabal Illi B'id 5'19"
24. Habibi Beddoul Amar 3'54"
25. Dehek Ellouz 3'55"
26. Yedour Eddouri 3'46"
* Not Sung By Fairouz
** Instrumental

Approx. time 75'25" - VDLCD 535

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