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The Very Best of Fairuz
Even though this is a compilation album, it's special for two reasons. It contains the most popular songs that almost everyone knows or has heard before. It works great as an introduction to Fairuz and the Rahbanis. The second thing that makes it interesting, and I am guessing, is that it's the first Fairuz CD from VDL. After all it was released in 87 and its number is 501. The problem with the album, however, is that some of the songs are found in better qaulity on other albums which makes the digitally remastered note a bit questionable. Being the first album to be released on discs is evident with no writing credits or track time or number listings.

All Songs were written by: The Rahbani Brothers except for:
Addyesh Kan fi Nas: Ziad Rahbani
Kan Ezzaman: Elias Rahbani
Ya Ana: Music by Mozart (40th Symphony) (thanks to Nikolai)
Aetini Elnay: Poem by Gibran and music by Najib Hankesh
Dabket Lebnan: Traditional. Arranged by the Rahbabni Brothers
(additions and corrections to the writing credits are most welcomed.)

Album tracks:
1. Habbaytak Belsayf 3'36"
2. Addeysh Kan Fi Nas 3'46"
3. Zahrat Elmada'en 8'36"
4. Ya Mokhtar El Makhatir 2'36"
5. Shady 2'36"
6. Ka'an Azzaman 2'34"
7. El Kods Alatika 3'24"
8. Shayef Elbahr Shou Kbir 4'49"
9. Ya Ana Ya Ana 2'22"
10. Aatini Nay 7'16"
11. Sanarjaou Yaouman 5'05"
12. Albint Elchalabiya 3'08"
13. Ya Tayr 4'28"
14. Dabket Loubnan 4'55"

Approx. time 59'11" - VDLCD 501

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