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One of three albums entirely composed by Ziad Rahbani. I think Fairuz liked some of the songs Ziad wrote for his own plays which were performed by other artists. One of these songs is 'Baa'atlek' which is featured in 'Nazl Alssorour'. Other popular songs on this album are 'Habbaytek Tanseet Elnoum' (poem by the always great Joesph Harb) and 'Elbousta' which Fairuz sings in most of her concerts and are favorites by the masses. Tallal Hayder who wrote great poem called Ya Rayeh on the Ya Rayeh album, contributes with another great poem called 'Wahdon/Alone'. Ziad translates the poem into a musical 'seclusion' which sounds great with the poem and Fairuz's preformance. Same thing goes with 'Ana Andi Hannin/ I yearn ...' (lyrics by the Rahbani Brothers)
Good quality CD. Poor booklet.

All Songs were written by: Ziad Rahbani except for poems of Habbaytek Tanseet Elnoum by Joesph Harb, Ana Andi Hannin by the Rahbani Brothers and Wahdon by Talal Hayder.

Album tracks:
1. Habbaytek Tanseet Elnoum 5'37"
2. Baa'atlek 4'35"
3. Ana Handi Hannin 5'56"
4. Albousta 8'57"
5. Wahdon 6'14"

Approx. time 31'19"

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