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Ya Rayeh
Definitely one of the most inspiring Wehbe/Fairouz collaboration. The poetry of Joseph Harb is great as usual. Vivid, deep and thought provocative yet in simple words. His beautiful yearning song 'Warakou El Assfar' shows it all. Some songs are taken from a live show. The booklet is very well made. It also contains all the poems, arranged not according to the tracks, but rather to who wrote what. There are some pictures, some taken from a television show and other from a live concert (probably the '89 Paris concert). However, what is disappointing about this album is that it didn't have 'Ya'aouni Sha'abii' which can be found on Dahab Ayloul album on tapes but I have been having difficulty locating it on CD. It should be available for it is a deep song.

All Songs were written by: Philemon Wehbe (Music) and The Rahbani Brothers (Poems/Lyrics) except for the poems of song 'Ya Rayeh' by Tallal Hayder and songs 'Al Bouab', 'Dahab Ayloul' and 'Tele'li Al Biki' which were written by the great Joseph Harb.

Album tracks:
1. Ya Rayeh 7'13"
2. Al Bouab 5'59"
3. Warakou Al Assfar 6'00"
4. Fayek Ya Hawa 7'28"
5. Leylie Bterjaa Ya Leyl 4'08"
6. Tele'li Al Biki 6'49"
7. Bi Karm El Loulou 3'29"
8. Ala Jisr El Laouzieh 3'26"

Approx. time 44'53" - VDLCD 594

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