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Ya Tara Nessina
Good old Rahbani Brothers songs. It feels comfy listening to this album and I don't know why. The songs are similar in style to those available on the Yes'ed Sabahak, Chat Iskandaria and Houmoum El hob albums. Probably because they were written in the same period, the mid fifties to the early sixties. Except for a couple of songs, all are being released for the first time on compact discs. All songs except "Ya Oud" were recorded at the radio station, "Ya Oud" was performed live at the Baalbeck Festival in 1961. (Check the songs list for more information.)

But it falls short in the sound department. It becomes obvious when you compare 'Ya Roubouaa Biladi' with the version of the song in 'Jerusalem in my Heart'. It's very disappointing and frustrating because the songs are really great, and clear sound could have added a lot. The songs are in low quality because the master was a vinyl LP and the company had to perform some declicking and dehissing in order to enhance the quality, and this is the best it could get to.

There is a good progress in the creative department of Voix de l'Orient. Ya Tara Nessina has nice booklet which contains the lyrics of all the songs, but it was awkward though reading the booklet from left to right. Of course there is a lot that can still be done, but it's a good start on the right track.

All Songs were written by: The Rahbani Brothers.

Album tracks:
1. Ya Oud 3'04"
2. Samra Yam Ouyoun Wssaa 5'48"
3. Ya Emm El Ain El Khala 3'23"
4. Sarlou Zaman El Helou 2'46"
5. Baada El Layali 2'41"
6. Ya Tara Nessina 2'59"
7. Smeena 5'41"
8. Boukra Byiji Nissan 3'24"
9. Rih El Chimali 2'57"
10. Ya Rabeena 3'06"
11. Aal Yadi Al Yadi 3'02"
12. Ma Ahla El Rajaa Bakir 3'14"
13. Ya Roubouaa Biladi 2'53"
14. Oummi 2'49"
15. Kermalak 3'13"
16. Maghrour Albi 5'43"

Approx. time 56'50" - VDLCD 660

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