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Yes'ed Sabahak
Is there another song one wants to wake up to more beautiful than Yes'ed Sabhak? And it's not just the featured song that engulfs a certain aspect of waking up in the morning from what is now considered an estranged era. They all fit themselves into the criterion of the long gone good old days. The songs can be described as simple and dreamy. The second track 'Arabet Lamia' is a musical sketch in which Fairuz takes the role of Lamia as she along with her friends go for a ride. It's hard not to start imagining their journey when the Rahbani Brothers provide you with all the scenery in their simple lyrics. The green pasture, the hills, the fields, the night, the nature one longs to. The other songs follow the same theme of simplicity providing colorful and vivid mental images of roses, butterflies and many other things. But it's not just the lyrics which Fairuz performs brilliantly, the music itself delivers a lot of the essence of the songs. It dances with the poems, it flies and clings to Fairuz's voice producing this masterpiece. At some parts, you'd start thinking, is Fairuz singing to the music or is the music playing to Fairuz's voice? Who's leading in this great conjunction of talent and absolute brilliance? Who's in control? The peak of such greatness can only be reached in the Rahbani-Fairuz collaborations, and this album shows it all.
The songs don't sound re-mastered at all and just to be fair it doesn't say so on the cover. All the songs maintain the same quality which is close or maybe even less than the quality of radio broadcast.

All Songs were written by: The Rahbani Brothers.

Album tracks:
1. Yes'ed Sabahak 2'56"
2. Arabet Lamia 9'42"
3. La Tensany ... Ana Houna 3'43"
4. Zar Beskoun Ellayl 2'42"
5. Ihkili 2'46"
6. Ya Dar Betlouh 2'40"
7. Layl Eleed 3'55"
8. Marhaba ... Marhaba 7'43"
9. 'an Houbak Ghanaina 3'14"
10. Baytouna Filjazira 3'59"
11. Koset Alwared 4'28"

Approx. time 47'48" - 94SDCD01A37

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