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Arab Dreamer's
The Millennium Song - A message of peace from the East

At the midnight outbreak of the new millennium, the world witnessed enormous presentations of light and fire that left diversified impressions on different people. While the event signified celebrations for some, the turning point into a new millennium signified hope or desperation amidst atmospheres of continuing agony and aggression.

Although the 20th century was marked by great scientific and technological advancements, it was a century filled with miseries and wars... Although earlier in the past century great dreams and expectations predominated the Arab world, later decades gave way to miseries and disintegration.

“At the dawn of the new millennium there is still hunger, there are still displaced children, and there are cries and tears... Let us end war O powerful nations... No to war, no to subjugation, no to racism”. With these words, the remarkable Mansour Rahbani opened the new century, and through Carole Smaha’s warm voice the song was carried to us. “Bi Sabah El Alf Ettalet” is a song characterized by powerful lyrics, sensational music, and beautiful performance. This song certainly conveys a desperately awaited universal message of peace expressing a cry from the sorrowful East against injustice and oppression.

The song continues with: “Who are you... I do not ask... But your deeds tell me who you are... I do not distinguish of what color or religion you are... I know that you are my brother... My brother in humanity...

At the dawn of the third millennium there are people who are exiled... There are people who have been imprisoned for years... At the onset of this era as the world is anxious, let us end the tyranny, end the fear... With justice let us come together...

I come from the East, the land of faith... Our villages are the sunrise and the coloring of time... From us to all the nations we send a salute .. A generation departs and a generation shall rise at the advent of freedom”...

What a beautiful and poignant song... It ends with an optimistic thought... Hopefully people would grow to become more aware of their humanity, and the new millennium would witness bright happenings and peaceful times. Fortunately, we are at least still entitled to our hopes and dreams... Up until this point, no weapon has been discovered that could conquer or exterminate our thoughts and hopes!