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She came from a land afar
She was born in the land
Where the cedars grow!
She was raised among
The poor and the needy
And never once as a child
Has she owned a radio!
Yes, she uttered her first word
And took her first step
In years of unemployment,
Years of hardship
And began to strike a note
In her earliest youth!
What a privilege among the poor
To hear her voice ring
In every corner of the world!

She sang in her youth!
She sang in the civil war!
Her message was strong and clear
To all who love, cherish,
Fancy and treasure her music!
She brings peace, hope and harmony
To a nation torn apart
By war, hatered and Power
To bretheren killing one anohter

To the poor, her message
Is strong and clear
To her people, she suffered
The hardships of poverty
And the struggles of harshness
And of reality!
And despite her dream
Of passing her values
To the young,
She has surpassed her values
Not only to the young
But also to the old!

Though at birth,
She was given a unique name
She was discovered,
And, due to her voice
Resembling a jewel to many,
She was named for a precious stone!
Of colours of rare beauty
Blue and green,
She became the jewel
Of the hearts
And the blossoming flower
That has bloomed
And has nourished
The nation with Love and dignity!

And despite her loss
And hardship,
She reached out to Arabs
In all corners of the world!
She reached out and cared!
She has carried no grudge,
She does not know
What discrimination means!
And though she continues to sing
Her fans are as many as
The grains of sand still counts!

Her first born now
Works with her!
He writes and composes songs
Which she now sings!
A very talented and gifted
Young star has she raised
Who was raised in Arts
And in music
For this amazing woman
Has never ceased
To make us realize
That all we have
Is one another!

Ghia M. Aweida