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'Ana Algharib Elakhar/ Ousafer Wahdi Malikan'
The author: Mansour Rahbani.
These are the only two poetry books Mansour Rahbani published. They are sold in one box.
There are many poems from the sixties and seventies in Ana Algharib Elakhar book. And the book is not about one issue, rather Mansour Rahbani discusses many things including time, loneliness, yearning and nature.
Similar topics are referred to in the other book, Ousafer Wahdi Malikan. It was written between 1982 and 1988 and is dedicated to Assy. And there is a sense of anger you get when you read the poems near the end of the book which obviously Mansour was directing at those agitating the civil war.

Book information:
Published in 1998
Published by Dar Annahar