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'The Rahbani Brothers: Life and Theater: Characteristics of Dramatic Literary'
The author: Professor Nabil Abou Mourad.
The author himself is a theater actor and director and has had many researches and articles published in many newspapers and magazines. In this book, he analyzed the technical and rhetorical components of the dramatic literary in the Rahbani brothers plays. He divided the research to four parts categorizing plays with similar characteristics, the village plays, the epics, the realistic plays, and the last plays.
The books doesn't focus however on the music and/or production and technical values of the plays, rather on the theatrical language in building of scenes and characters. It also compares between events in the plays and real life where possible, and show the basic philosophical components in the Rahbani theater.
The author also shows in his analysis of the plays, how similar certain parts of the plays are with eachother, from the overall concept down to the lines in the songs and dialogues.
There is also a biography of the Rahbani brothers in the beginning of the book, which the author got from Assy and Mansour.

Book information:
260 pages, 10 pictures.
Published on the 1st of June 1990
Dar Amjad
Keywords: Biography, Analysis, Theater.

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