The Bracelet
The Plot:
Uphill, while Alya is singing, she is approached by an old woman who likes her voice and songs. Alya seeing that the old woman is carrying a basket, offers to help her to her house. After they reach to the old woman's house, the old woman gives Alya a bracelet and asks her to return the day that follows because she wants to listen to more of her songs.
Alya returns to her village and her neighbors ask her about the bracelet. When she tells them, they don't believe her. They start gossiping about Alya. They say that she got engaged to a stranger. Samira asks Sabe'a to find out the truth. Now Sabe'a's uncle just arrived from America and he got Sabe'a binoculars which Sabe'a is using to spy on the girls in the village. He stays up all night and claims to the other villagers at Abdou's store that he saw someone standing by Alya's window, but when Sabe'a shouted at him, he ran away.
The next day the villagers led by Sabe'a follow Alya to the old woman's house. Inside, Alya gives the old woman fig and raisins then she sits and sings to the old woman who in return tells her about the bracelet. She says that the bracelet has been passing on from a woman to another. It was time to give it to someone and it was Alya. Then they are visited by the old woman's dead husband in the form of spirit or something. Maybe it was all happening in the old woman's head. She and her husband started remembering old times. After that, the old woman, knowing that Sabe'a is spying from outside, banishes him and his followers to the pits of evil grounds. I am kidding, she invites them to the house and they all sing happily ever after.
Quick Notes:
This could be one of the few if not the only Television and/or Radio program of the tens produced available recorded on CDs. That's the audio of course. It's a simple story and it contains great songs by Fairuz and the other cast, and funny lines by Philemon Wehbe who was playing Sabe'a character which was previously featured in dozens of Rahbani sketches.
Unfortunately, all the songs on the same track and there is nothing in the booklet to be happy about.

Album Tracks:
1. Wata'eddouar
2. Ya Sittil Khetyara
3. Ya Karm el Alali
4. Raksat el Ghere
5. Ya Mahla layalilhawa
6. Shu Amm Tehkou
7. Iste'rad Eddukan
8. Hounik
9. Ya Rayt
10. Saeeda, Yessod Masakon
Total time 43'48" - VDLCD 571
Fairuz ... Alya
William Haswani ... Abdou
Philemon Wehbe ... Sabe'a
Written by the Rahbani Brothers
Except for Ya Karm el Alali, music by Philemon Wehbe