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Almahatta/ The Station (Piccadilly Theater 1973)
The Plot & Quick Notes:
A strange woman arrives in a small village. She meets with Saado and tries to convince him that his potato field is actually a train station. Saado is perplexed by this. But his wife, driven by jealousy, sees his confusion as a way to get closer to the strange woman, Warde. The police starts investigating but with time more people start to believe the story. They do because they want to go away. This situation attracts a burglar who starts selling forged tickets to the public making a fortune. When he meets with Warde and discloses his true nature, she refuses to believe him and even tries to convince him that he in fact a ticket seller and not a thief. Days pass and it's almost a year since Warde showed up with her claims. In that time more people bought tickets and awaited the train, the lands value rose, and lots of other things happened. The station also made some enemies including those who benefited from it like the burglar who saw in working as the ticket seller captivity from running loose and free in the night. He and Saado start planning to destroy the station and when they do, the police arrests them with Warde. But then the train arrives and Warde wanting to leave can't buy a ticket as they were all sold and there is no more.
The album quality is great and like the booklet of Yaeesh Yaeesh there are short biographies of Fairuz and the Rahbani Brothers in Arabic as well as the Voix de l'Orient catalogue of Fairuz albums.

Painting by Paul Guiragossian
1 2 Booklet Summary:
This musical operetta takes place in a large potato field where a young woman convinces the people through her work and singing that if hey try enough and believe that there will be a train station in the potato filed, it will come to be. After a while the people become so convinced that they actually can hear the noise from a far. The moral of the story is that if one believes in something very strongly, and works toward it, it will come true.

1 2 Credits
Fairuz ... Warde
Nasri Shamesedin ... Rayes Albaladia
Huda ... Mart Saado
Elie Shewirie ... Saado
William Heswani ... Abou Asaed Ashawish
Antoine Kerbaj ... Harami
Philemon Wehbe ... Sabe'a Tajer El Ghanam
Written by the Rahbani Brothers except for:
Ya Darah Douri, Salooni ElNas and Kan Ezzaman which were composed
by Philemon Wehbe, Ziad Rahbani and Elias Rahbani respectively.
Directed by Berge Vazilian

Ashawish with Warde

Warde with Rayes Albaladia

Harami with Mart Saado

Album Tracks
CD1 (57'04")
1. First Overture 2'05"
2. Khalass El Zareh 2'53"
3. Doukhoul Warde 58"
4. Layali El Shimal 3'19"
5. Warde And Saado 2'02"
6. Bsadek Walla Chou 1'42"
7. Wayniyi Wayniyi 1'50"
8. Warde And Rayes 2'34"
9. Mart Saadi and Harami 2'31"
10. Ya Mdaber 2'07"
11. Warde and Shawish 1'33"
12. Ya Dara Douri 4'31"
13. Harami And Mart Saado 1'16"
14. Warde and Harami 58"
15. Kalou Di Mahatta 6'30"
16. Tahdir El Mandal 5'41"
17. Eid El Mahatta 1'05"
18. Laylet El Mahatta 2'21"
19. Rakset Zeina 1'59"
20. Dabket El Mahatta 2'44"
21. Saalouni El Nass 3'38"
22. Kan Ezzaman 2'04"
CD2 (49'33")
1. Second Overture 2'12"
2. Essa Khamse Wounos 2'49"
3. Ya Rais Elbaladie 3'15"
4. Rejeet El Shatwiyi 3'07"
5. Warde And Harami 1'50"
6. Ya Warde 4'
7. Warde and Sikran 2'11"
8. Rakset Eletfaiye 3'26"
9. Saado and Harami 2'23"
10. Tajer El Ghanam 5'26"
11. Rakset El Badou 3'12"
12. Harami and Shehad 4'28"
13. Katl El Mahatta 3'46"
14. Imani satee 2'55"
15. Moudir El Police 2'29"
16. Wousoul El Train 2'23"
Total Time 106'37" - VDLCD 629/630