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I get this a lot, why not more songs on the site? Let me explain: A new song/music piece is uploaded with every update. It remains for the duration of two updates which used to equate two weeks, but currently means only one week. Of course space limitations cause a problem, but it's not the main reason for not putting more songs that are accessible at all times. We all know that the songs are copyrighted. I don't want to harm Fairouz's interests. I mean she is putting out albums, we ought to buy them if we want to listen to the songs. It's her right. We have to respect the copyright of Fairouz songs even if these same songs have become part of the Lebanese music heritage. The purpose of the adding songs to the site, however, is to introduce Fairuz to new people, and to help fans who can't get the latest songs to have an idea about the new material.