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Fairouz News
There will be a concert in Dubai organized by the American University in Dubai on March 29th, 2001 in the AUD's auditorium (1000 seat). More to follow.
The Beiteddine album has been released Feb. 1st, 2000 in Lebanon. It had already been available for two days in the gulf states.
The Beiteddine album is due to be released very soon. It will contain 17 tracks including Kibiri Elmaz7a Hay, Tenzakar Ma Ten3ad, Saba7 W'Masa, Talfan 3ayyache and Khalasou Elaghani.
The International Star Registry has named a star in the sky after Fairouz. The star is located in the Cassiopeia constellation and referenced: RA 02h26m01.93s location decl. 59d 18' 11.16". The official star name is now "Fairouz, Our ambassador to the stars". The registry thereof is kept in a vault in Switzerland and the new star name has been recorded in the astronomical compendium.
The Beiteddine album will now be released in December and should be on sale in time for the holidays.
The Beiteddine album is expected to be released in October. There will also be a video, but a release date has not been set yet.
The concerts were great successes, you should read the articles and concert reviews in the special for more information.
Beiteddine: A third concert has been added and it will be on the 8th of August.
Beiteddine: A third concert is currently being negotiated and it looks like it is happening.
Beiteddine: The orchestra is made from 52 musicians and Ziad will be on the Piano.
Beiteddine: At least three songs from the new album (coming this fall) are going to be performed.
Beiteddine: The song list for the concerts is unique and doesn't contain songs from the recent concerts, and it will include some songs that were never performed in public before.
Fairuz, Ziad and Rima Rahbani, and Mansour Rahbani sent letters to Bashar Elassad expressing their grief over the death of the late Syrian President Hafez Elassad. Source: Alhayat and Assafir, Friday 16th of June.
The prices for the tickets are as follows: 225.000LL ($150) - 135.000LL ($90) - 90.000LL ($60) - 50.000LL ($33) - 25.000LL ($17)
The orchestra joining Fairuz in Beiteddine will contain Armenian, Dutch, and American musicians with Ziad on the piano. There's a possibility to hold more concerts. Tickets will be sold at the Beiteddine palace and at the Beiteddine office on the fourth floor in the Starco center in downtown Beirut from 9:30 until 5:00 from June the first, and during the concert days the time will be extended until 6:30. Tickets will most probably range from 25,000 Liras ($17) up to 200,000 ($135). Buses will be arranged to go from Beirut to Beiteddine on all concert days. Their meeting points in Beirut will be at the Sofil center in Alachrafieh, and near the Cavalier hotel in Hamra. People who want to drive to the palace will find that car parks have been established. A professional company called 'Dar il Handassa' designed the seating of the stage so that the acoustics and the viewing of the stage will be the best possible from all places. In a reply to a question, Mrs. Joumblat said that Fairuz's fee for the concerts is only symbolic. Brochures of the festival, prices, and times will be released in a few days.
A press conference was held today where the highlights and details of the Beiteddine festival of 2000 were announced. From the television report, it was mentioned that there will be a few surprises. Fairuz's concerts will be held on the 4th and 5th of August. (Download a video of the television report. (358kb 1'04"))
Fairuz recited the hymns of Good Friday in the Capucins church in downtown Beirut, on Friday 21st of April 2000.
Check the broadcast dates for the Las Vegas concert and documentary for both LBCI and LBCSat under the current news section on the contents page. Download the video in the concert special. It features material that will probably be included with the documentary. Of course the documentary is of Fairuz's concert there.
Fairuz will recite the prayers this year. (Related link: The Good Friday special)
'Zaman Alissa' starring Fairuz for Baalbeck 2001? Could very well be. Read this article (PDF).
It was reported in today's issue (9/12/99) of Alhayat newspaper that Fairuz has in fact started recording new songs that Ziad recently finished writing. The article implies that the new songs will be shocking to all of Fairuz fans. The follow-up to the news will be available very soon. Stay tuned.
Fairuz is going to attend the 50th anniversary of the Geneva conventions held in Geneva on the 12th of August. She will be among 12 other persons from around the world including Kofi Anan, current general of the United Nations. The conference will be shown on many television stations. Fairuz is going to sing. She leaves on the 10th of August. Read the article in Arabic that appeared in Assafir newspaper.
Jean-Pierre Delifer, who designed the costumes in a number of the Rahbani brothers plays including Loulou, Almahatta and Nas men Warak has died last month, June 99. You can read about his work in the PDF document which was posted on Assafir site last month. Download a free version of Acrobat Reader from Adobe.
Fairouz was invited by the international Red Cross to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Geneva conventions in Geneva Switzerland on August 12,1999. This is an international convention where governments representatives and dignitaries of the world will be present. She will be one among 12 chosen international personalities to symbolize the event.
The earlier rumor concerning a film based on Hala Welmalek musical play is correct! Currently there are negotiations with Nader Elattasy, the producer of the three films made in the 60's, and Youssef Chahine on how it will be made. However it's not definite that Chahine will be the one to direct it. It's well known that Chahine was the one to direct the first feature Rahbani wrote and Fairuz starred in, Rings for Sale. More to follow.
The Las Vegas concert was taped for television, it will be shown only on LBC. Afterwards, it will be available for sale on videotapes. Currently the concert is being edited and will be ready for broadcast and release soon. Will keep you updated.
The early news, or rather rumor, about an upcoming Paris concert turned out to be false.
About the earlier rumor regarding an upcoming concert in Bayteddeen, it is not happening.
Mouch Kayen Hayk Tkoun will be released today as publicized. Unfortunatly, it will be first available on cassette tapes. Compact Disc version of the album will be followed ten days later. The known song titles include Ishtaktellak, Moush Kayen Hayk Tkoun, Ya Sabi and Salimli Alih. Expect a review in the next update.
Expect a television report on LBC soon on the concert itself. The timing of broacast is not known yet. But it'll probably be shown on either the news or Neharkon Saiid morning program. The report may be shown on a program called 'Itha Tal Elamar' on the Syrian Satellite channel next Thursday.
Upcoming Fairuz concerts include a concert in Bayteddine and another in Paris later this year. Not Confirmed!
I recieved an email from someone who says that it was announced on ART (Arab radio and TV) that during the Cannes film festival, director Yousef Chahine and the Syrian film producer Nadir al Atassi, who has produced Fairuz's past films, have agreed to start working on a new motion picture based on Hala wel Malek and that Fairuz will play the lead role in the movie, Hala. It's said that Chahine flew to Beirut a couple of days ago to begin preparing the film script with Mansour Rahbani. The film should be ready by next year. Just to make it clear, this information was announced on ART during an interview with the Lebanese film critic Mohammed Hijazi from the Cannes festival. Not Confirmed!
An art gallery was held in the Holy Cross Church in Damascus in which 35 artists exhibited their works. What's interesting is that the paintings were influenced by Fairuz and the Rahbani Brothers. Most of the participants were notably female artists. It was held in conjunction with another Fairuz/Rahbani influenced exhibition in which the works of ten children were shown. To read the entire article, download page 22 (PDF) of Alhayat newspaper 5/19.
Mouch Kayen Hayk Tkoun will be released anytime in the 20-23 May period. Unfortunatly, it will be first available on cassette tapes. Compact Disc version of the album will be followed ten days later. There are three songs that are broadcast on radio in Lebanon, Ishtaktellak, Moush Kayen Hayk Tkoun and Ya Sabi. They're three of four of Ziad's songs in the album. The other one is called Salimli Alih and there's an instrumental (like Dianou) as well.
Expect a television report on LBC soon on the concert itself. The timing of broacast is not known yet. But it'll probably be shown on either the news or Neharkon Saiid morning program, later today or tomorrow.
There was also some interesting news about a couple of albums released in Egypt. They were called Fairuz in the Royal Festival but they contained other concerts. The article also claims that Fairuz made a concert in the US in 1991! You can read more on the back page of yesterday's Alhayat newspaper (5/17).
Alhayat says 16 thousand and Assafir says 12 thousand people attended the concert. Regardless of that, the concert was originally intended for 10 thousand fans. How can one explain this? Fairuz broke the record she set for herself in mere two days when the MGM Grand changed concert plans and expanded the arena to its full capacity. People came from all over the world to attend the concert. A lot have said they first heard about it from the Internet. That was one thing I liked very much because I hope this site has helped with it. The song titles and more information about the concert can be found in the articles which are now accessible from the special's general information section. But what's most notably great was the presence of Assy and Mansour through all the classics she performed, Ziad through the musical introduction and Kifk Inta and Nasri Shameseddine through Haddouni which the choir performed.
That was not just a concert.
Fairuz leaves tomorrow (Sunday) for Las Vegas on the Middle East airliner. Maestro Mike Haro, who conducted her recent concerts, will accompany Fairuz in her trip as well as 24 musicians, 10 choir singers, technicians and managers, all totaling 42 persons. She has made interviews with both the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times newspapers. She has been rehearsing for a week now. Please contact me if you have access to the interviews. You can also check the article in the general information and promotional material part of the Las Vegas special. Source: Assafir 5/8
The new album is going to be titled 'Mouch Kayen Hayk Tkoun'. It will be released by Relax-In and will be available for sale in the concert. More information to follow.
Voix de l'Orient released a new album a couple of days ago. It containts 16 songs originally produced during th 1957-1962 period. It's called 'Ya Tara Nassinia'. It's about 56 minutes. The songs are: Ya Oud, Samra Yam Ouyoun Wsaa, Ya Emm El Ain Khala, Sarlou Zaman El Helou, Baada El Layall, Ya Tara Nessina, Smeena, Boukra Byiji Nissan, Rih El Chimal, Ya Rabeena, Aal Yadi El Yadi, Ma Ahla El Rajaa Bakir, Ya Roubou Biladi, Oummi, Kermalak and Maghrour Albi. Everyone is commenting on the booklet and the design of the CD and that it is very beautiful. It sounds like Voix de l'Orient is progressing in that department. Fairuz probably didn't have much to do with releasing this album. But anyway, everyone should get it, but if you are lack on money, then wait and get the new one. Special thanks to Richard and everyone else for providing the information. More information to follow.
There is another album which is going to be written by Ziad Rahbani. He's currently working on it.
There will NOT be any tour. It's one concert like it's being advertised. If the technical issues are quickly settled in Las Vegas, It's been thought to produce, with MGM grand, some promotional items as commemorative memorabilia. Unfortunately, it seems already short on time for this to happen, so all you folks going to the concert, start praying. Also for all Ziad fans, he is not going. Finally, MGM fixed the seating capacity of the stage for a maximum audience of 10,000 seats not 16,000, by Fairouz's request.
This is 100% accurate. The recording of the songs has been finished and the album is now in the editing/mixing stage. It will contain nine tracks. Four songs are based on the Classic Arabic poetry and are composed by the Syrian composer Mohammed Mohsen. There are four other songs written by Ziad. The other track is an instrumental with Fairouz vocalizing over. The title of album has not been decided yet but it will probably be inspired from one of Ziad's songs. It's not going to be issued by Voix de l'Orient. As for the release date, it's anticipated to be shipped next May. It's been investigated to plan the release in conjunction with the Las Vegas Concert where the album should be launched and made available for sale. More news to follow!
Just to clear something out, the news on the American tour is not confirmed. Add to that MGM is advertising the Las Vegas concert as a one historic performance. It seems logical that there will be more than one concert as it is cheaper to produce and guaranteed to succeed. However, to be on the safe side, anyone planning to see Fairuz should attend the Las Vegas concert. Again, no need to remind everyone that the tickets have been on sale for more than a week now and that the concert has been advertised about in major American newspapers, so it's wise to buy tickets now, if you plan to attend the concert. This week you can get to see the seating configuration as well as the press release of Fairuz's concert. There is also a scanned ad from Los Angeles Times of the concert.
Fairuz's upcoming concert in Las Vegas is closing in. The May 15 will be marked as the greatest day of 99 by loyal Fairuz fans in North America and the concert as the greatest event to end this century. She will perform in the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The arena can hold up to 16000 seats. The tickets are on sale and they are going fast, after all it's only one concert (that I know is confirmed). The tickets prices are set at $50, $75, $150, $300. For ticket sales call toll free 1- 877- 984-7263 or 702- 891-7777. Information on Fairuz's concert at the MGM site. Information of the Arena, Concert Configuration of the arena and the Schedule of the upcoming concerts including Fairuz's. The promotion is starting up and as Ammar has posted on the message board, there was an ad in the New York Times of the concert. Thanks Ammar. Will post follow-ups when become available throughout the week.
A new album "Ishtaatellak" has been prepared and will be released soon. In it there are about four new songs by Ziad Rahbani of which two are 'Salimli Ali' and 'Ya Saby', and another four mouwashah-style songs by a Syrian composer called Mohamed Mohsen, who previously composed a song for her recorded in her album "Shat Eskandaria". There is going to be a second CD in which Fairouz will record songs composed for her by the late Riyad Al-Sumbati, which she never sang before.
Thanks to Amin for submiting the album's title.
Fairuz tours America. Her trip to America is not going to be only to Las Vegas Grand Hotel. It is going to be a tour in all of the United States featuring concerts in several states including the concert confirmed in Las Vegas.
Fairuz shall not perform in Baalbeck this year, but instead a prospect of her performing in "Beit El-Deen" is being worked on. The possibility of her performing in Mansour's next play is being undertaken too.
There is a proposal that Fairouz might go to Jerusalem in the year 2000 to perform at a concert and to sing in the Holy Sepulchure. This might be fixed to coincide with the Pope's planned visit in 2000. This piece of news was just an offer that was made many times but to which there was no positive response.
Fairouz salutes King Hussein. That was Alhayat newspaper's headline for their article on the upcoming Jordanian concerts. She (Fairouz) said that she was happy that her concerts coincided with the king's return. Fairouz will be opening the new Amman Civil University's theater which can hold about 5000 people. Ticket prices are sold for what is equivalent of 50, 70 and 100 American Dollars. The last time Fairouz sang in Jordan was in 1982 in Jarsh. First time was in 1966 and she also performed The Rahbani Brothers famous musical play Petra in Jordan in 1976. For those who missed the upcoming Jordan concerts information, they should check either the relevant threads in the message board or the News archives.
Whatever you do, don't miss the feature documentary on Fairouz. It is going to be shown on LBC International this Thursday (1/21/99) at 7:45 P.M. GMT. It's the one I told you about that came on the French satellite channel ARTE. They have more information on this documentary at their site.
Tickets of the upcoming Jordan concert have went on sale. In an article that was headlines as "Fairuz sings after King Hussien's recovery", AlHayat newspaper, issue # 13097 of last Thursday '1/14/99', reported that one of Jordan's universities announced that Fairuz will sing in Jordan on the 28th and the 29th of January 1999. Tickets are sold for 140, 110 and 70 American Dollars.
Jordan's Concert. Dates: 28th & 29th of January. Ticket Prices: 50, 75 and 100 JD. The theater is in the Amman Private University where they built a huge Auditorium that is supposed to be one of the best in the Middle East, and holds 6,000 seats. The tickets will be on sale within a week. Thanks Radi for all the information. Thanks Otaiba for the original post.
Las Vegas Concert: Fairuz will be performing In las vegas, at the MGM Grand hotel Casino in May. Rumor or not, thanks to Michel Fadel. Keep us posted Michel.
Fairuz returned to Cartage after more than thirty years (since Summer 1968) to enchant the thirteen thousand who gathered from all over Tunisia to see and listen to her. Even with precautions, there was no way to prevent such a traffic jam, the cars looked like a bracelet around the 'Palace of Exhibitions' where the concert was held. Fairuz had been in Tunis for some days rehearsing. The show was live, no playback. Fairuz sang twenty songs including 'Jaibly Salam', 'Nassem Alina Alhawa', 'Oudak Ranan' ,'Nehna we Alamar Jiran', 'Ya Hala Ya Hala Ana We Yak', 'Zourouni', 'Tethakor Akher Mara' and 'Bokra Terja Baedo Akid'. After every two or three songs, Fairuz would leave the stage for her band to perform folklore dances using swords and guns or sing old songs. During the last songs all of the audience was listening while standing up. Whenever Fairuz was leaving, they ask for more and she returns overwhelmed by the applause.
Source: Alhayat. Issue 13040. Monday. 16 November 1998. Back Page.
Fairuz was given the highest cultural award early Sunday in the presidential palace of Cartage by the Tunisian president Zain ElAbedeen Ben Ali. He said that the reason why they were honoring her was because of her greatness in the Arabic music and because of the peace and tolerance which her songs promote. He also showed his gratitude for her art and her position as a sun in the Arabic Music.
Source: Alhayat. Issue 13040. Monday. 16 November 1998. Back Page.
Concert Links: Watch Real Video. Arriving at the airport, the news and some scenes from the concert. Also the honoring by the Tunisian President. Check this link TunisaTV, look under Infos.
Fairuz will perform on the 14th of November 1998 in Tunisia. The concert will be held in Kasr ElMa3ared (Palace of the Exhibitions) in Mahalet ElKarm, the capital Tunis. The last time Fairuz sang in Tunisia was in 1968. Tickets will be sold for about 32 to 63 Dollars and estimated to run out very soon. Some tickets are sold for about 190 Dollars. The government is on high alert and all are working collaboratively in organizing the concert. Fairuz was offered tickets for herself and her musical band by three airliners, but she chose to fly Tunisian Airlines.
Source: Alhayat. Issue 13206. Monday. 2nd November 1998.
Baalbeck News: Expect three new songs, one written by each of the Rahbina, Mansour, Ziad and Elias.
Fairouz will perform on Friday 14th, Saturday 15th, Sunday 16th, Thursday 20th, Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd of August. She will perform excerpts from 'Jisr Al Kamar', 'Jibal As-sawan' and 'Natorit AlMafati7'. With Mansour Rahbani as the managing producer and the participation of Elias and Ziad Rahbani. Folks, this is going to be spectacular. Don't forget to get some pictures and information for the site. And while you're at it, why don't you promote the site. If you will print the url of the site on paper and distribute it, you will get a treat.
According to the Egyptian Alahram daily newspaper, Fairuz will sing in the Baelabek festival set to begin on 23rd of July. A number of music bands will join her on stage including the Schtugart Symphonie. Throughout the 6 day festival, Fairuz will perform songs from 'Jisr El-Kamar', 'Jibal As-swan', 'Natorit A-Mafateih', with some new songs written by Ziad, Mansour and Elias Rahbani.
Source: Alahram, 6/22/98, page 22, issue 40740.
It has been confirmed that Fairuz will perform in the coming Baelabek festivals. The songs are going to be from old musicals and also some new songs. She is going to record a number of new songs written by Ziad Rahbani very soon. The new songs include ones about 'Majnooun Layla'.
It's rumored that Fairouz is going to return to Bealbek this year. It's also claimed that Mansour will join her. He said that what will probably be performed might be either a compilation of old works or an entire work revisited. He said that the lack of time won't help to make a new one.
Fairouz has given secretary general of the UN Kofi Anan some of her albums, during the time he spent in Beirut. The publicity department in the ESKOA (UN's publicity center in Beirut) has issued a statement that reads "In welcoming the UN secretary general to Lebanon, Fairouz sent him some of her albums which are 'Jerusalem In My Heart', 'Christmas Carols', 'Fairouz in London', 'To Assy', 'Ana Sahrani' and 'Kaifak Inta?'. Fairouz has also included with the CDs the following note: "With my regards to the UN secretary general Mr. Kofi Anan, and to all the efforts he's exerting for a better world where security, peace and human rights exist. My true greetings, Fairouz."
Source: Al Hayat Newspaper, Monday, 23rd of March, 1998, Issue No. 12803, Page 3.
It's been confirmed that Fairouz is going to sing in Bahrain. The concert is going to be held at the 'Markaz Al-Khalij Al-Daoli Lil-Mo'itamarat' Thursday, the 26th of March 1998 at 9 P.M. Information and ticket sales telephone lines are 713000/ 726144/ 726143 FAX: 726129(I don't know Bahrain's code number.)
Source: Al Hayat Newspaper, Thursday 5, March, 1998, Issue No. 12785, Page 22-23.
Fairouz will perform in Bahrain on the 19th of March '98. (More information to follow.)
Ziad Rahbani denied what was previously published concerning Fairouz's concerts in 'Forom Bairut'. He said that the concerts were canceled because an agreement with 'Forom Bairut' was not signed in the first place. He also stated that another program could replace the concerts if an agreement is reached. As for Fairouz herself, she neither confirmed nor denied the news and preferred to keep it off press for now.
Source: Al Hayat Newspaper, Wednesday 24, December, 1997, Issue No. 12717, Page 20.
Voix de l'Orient (Fairouz's record label) has announced that it's released a compilation of Fairouz' songs that are categorized under Lebanese famous folklore dance music 'Dabkeh'. It's called 'Dabkat'. Songs include 'Dabket Lebnan', 'Dabket AlMaig', 'Shati Ya Danii' and 'Gabalia'.
Source: Al Hayat Newspaper, Wednesday 3, December, 1997, Issue No. 12696, Page 24.
Fairouz is going to sing live in Lebanon in February 1998. The three concerts are going to be held in 'Forom Bairut'. (More information posted when available) . Look above for more information.
Source: Al Hayat Newspaper, Wednesday 3, December, 1997, Issue No. 12696, Page 24.

Mansour Rahbani News
Mansour should be taking his new play Almotanaby to Dubai.
Wa Qama fi Alyoumi Athaleth, a new play which will be premiering Thursday on the stage of Casino Du Liban. The play was envisioned by Mansour' son Oussma who is taking the role of the producer and music composer. Mansour Rahbani wrote the script and the play will be directed by Marwan Rahbani. It stars Ghassan Saliba, Karol Semaha, Antoine Balaban, Paul Slayman and Nazieh Youssef. There are also about 40 other dancers and actors. Costume design was done by Agnus Trableen, lighting by Fouad Khoury, makeup by Salma Sabagh and choreography by Dolly Sfeir. The story is about the last ten days in the life of Jesus Christ.
Mansour Rahbani is currently writing a new play which his son Oussama will compose the music for. It will star Ghassan Saliba and Karol Simaha. The story is about Jesus Christ.
Just a reminder that Mansour's last play 'The Last Days of Socrates' will be performed on the 20th, 21st and 22nd of March in the United Arab Emirates. Rafik Ali Ahmed will probably retake his role as Socrates even though he has already started performing his new play.
Mansour Rahbani is working on two new plays. One is called 'Malek Lilejar/A King for Rent' for which he wrote the music, the songs and the dialouge. It also happens that there is an old play that both he and his late brother Assy wrote back in 1975 called 'Zaman Alissa/Time of Alissa'. It was supposed to be performed in Baalbeck but the festival got cancelled that year. (Source: Alhayat Issue 13103. Thursday 21 January 1999.) It sounds very interesting. As for Fairouz, let's keep our fingers crossed for news on her participation in these projects. It sure would be great if she along with Hoda, William Hasoani and Joseph Nassif would return all in one great play. Maybe even written by Mansour and Ziad.
Mansour Rahbani is overwhelmed by the success his play 'Last Days of Socrates' made in Egypt. The play which was performed from the 12th to the 17th of January 1999 was attended by about 7000 people. It became the most successful play performed in the Egyptian Opera House ever since it was built in 1988. Mansour was quoted as saying that people still have taste in music and whenever they are presented with a qaulity work they will apperciate it.
Last Days of Socrates was the talk of the Egyptians last week. The play was performed on six nights and was a great success. There were plans to take the play on a tour to different countries. If this doesn't come through, then these were the last times you could have attended this significant event of the entire Middle East. However, you can still enjoy the play by listening to it on the 3 CDs and by reading the book. There are rumors that it was videotaped. It should have.
Starting from today (1/12/99), the Last Days of Socrates will be performed in the Cairo Opera House. The show will end on the 17th. Ticket prices vary from 50 to 200 Egyptian Pounds.
Last Days of Socrates will be performed in the Cairo Opera from next week.
Last Days of Socrates is going to be performed in Egypt next January. The play will last for more than a week, probably during the second half of Ramadan.
Mansour Rahbani has published the poems of his latest musical 'Last Days Of Socrates' in a book. He has also said that the play is going to be available on 3 CDs/Tapes, one of the music, one of the songs and one of the spoken dialouge.
square The latest effort from Mansour Rahbani will officially premiere on th 12th of Feb. 1998. This new musical play is called 'The Last Days of Socrate' / 'Akher Ayam Socrat'. Read more inforamtion in the section dedicated to the new play here.
Source: Al Hayat Newspaper, Sunday 1, February, 1997, Issue No. 12753, Page 24.

Ziad Rahbani News
Ziad Rahbani is working on a new play.
The production company to an Egyptian film called 'Omar 2000' have sent a copy of the script to Ziad Rahbani to read. They want him to write the music score for the movie. The is offer is null.
Ziad Rahbani will play in concerts held in Paris. The two concerts will take place at 'Institut du Monde Arabe' on the 6th and 7th of November. Information was supplied by Walid Itayim.
Ziad Rahbani WILL play in concerts held in Paris the coming weeks. More to follow.
Don't forget to tune in to LBC tonight Tuesday (10/27/98) to watch Ziad's interview on the famous program 'Al-layla Layltek'. It's on at 20:30 GMT.
Ziad Rahbani is rumored to play in concerts held in Paris the coming weeks. These concerts are part of the Lebanon Festival in Paris which will tour France. It's mainly organized by the Arab World Insitute in Paris. Also Don't forget to tune in to LBC next Tuesday night to watch Ziad being interviewed by four attractive ladies on the famous program 'Al-layla Layltek'.
Fans of Ziad Rahbani gather three times every week in three different clubs where he plays his music, some Rahbani Brothers music and some other western music (I guess it's mainly from the classical period). The musicians that accompany Ziad come in large numbers. Sometimes it's hard to find a place for all the band in the clubs but Ziad insists on the number. Some of the Fairuz songs include 'Nehna we Al Amar Jiran' and 'Bektob Esmak Ya Habibi'. They also play songs written by John Lennon. In one of these nights Ziad and the band were all in blue which was spectacular.
Source: Alhayat Newspaper. 4 October 1998. Issue Number 12997. Page 18.
Ziad Rahbani's early 70's musical play Sayhrie is going to be performed once again in Lebanon and that's only for 5 days from 19/9 through 23/9. Everyone will be missing late Joseph Sakr who played Nakhila Eltaneen's role. But as a tribute, the organizers will get someone to play the role but they'll use Sakr's voice from the recordings. It's still not known if Ziad will re-take his drunk man role. Visit Ziad Rahbani Site.