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Links: Fairouz Links
Almashriq focus on Fairouz
A Great Site that has the following sections: Biography, Music, Songs, Plays and Discography.
A Tribute to Fairouz, has some good information, 7 real audio songs.
ARTE is a television station that produced a documentary on Fairuz. They have a well designed site with lots of information from that program. The site is in French and also available in German.
Fadi's Christmas Songs
This homepage contains 4 Christmas songs by Fairouz in Real Audio format. (Songs are in Arabic and Syriac.)
Beit al-Mansur
Our friend Shafik's site. He has a page in which he recounts his personal experience with Fairuz's music.
Fairuz (Japan)
A Japanese Fan. He lists the albums and the song tracks.
Kawakami shojiro's Site
A Japanese Fan. He lists the albums he has on CDs and cassette tapes.
Fairuz Wallpapers
There are two wallpapers on Fairuz at this page. There is also an extensive site on the Egyptian singer Mohammed Mounier.
Ruba' site
Ruba Abdelghani's personal site which also includes a page dedicated on Fairuz.
A Fairouz site
This site also presents information about Fairuz in Arabic.

Links: The Rahbanis Links
Ziad Rahbani Online!
... It's about Ziad. The only one about him that's new and alive and looking good.
Elias Rahbani (mirror site)
An Extensive look on Elias that include his profile and artistic activities.
Oussama Rahbani Homepage
Dedicated to Oussama Rahbani, Mansour' son and Fairouz's nephew.

Links: Arabic Music Links
The Arabic Music Page
A number of articles can be found here, including album reviews, analysis of the Arabic music theories, and more.
Arabic Music Internet Reference
Requires IE and a special font. Search for Fairuz.
Arabic MP3