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Arrab Elmoued
Las Vegas Pre-Concert Documentary

I have just finished watching the documentary again. It's surprisingly shorter than what I originally thought. I recall someone on the board said it was 2 and half hours. Maybe he was referring to the concert. The documentary ran for about one hour and fifteen minutes.

The program begins with a few shots of Fairuz in her backstage room. Then the promotional book is seen being flipped through to the sound of the English radio spot. After a few shots of the arrival of the crew, from which we see the familiar face of Badiaa Elao'er, Fairuz is seen checking the stage, and the temporarily stage on which she will rehearse. Then we get to see Fairuz rehearsing. In between rehearsals, she makes a few visits to the local shops, and later to the Nevada desert. The documentary ends on the concert day. It's breathtaking to see the seats gradually fill up with so many people.

It was a great and rare insight into Fairuz's life. It was a chance to get closer to her and realize that her greatness is her simplicity. It was great to see how hard she tries to perfect her concerts with many lengthy rehearsals. Let this be a message to all those artists who jump on stage without even rehearsing presuming the band has an idea of how the songs sound.

There were many surprises revealed in the documentary. It was interesting to see how tough Fairuz is in rehearsals. There were also extremely funny bits, like when Fairuz was struggling with a door and joked about breaking it down. And I didn't know they sold T-shirts and other merchandise there. Some looked great and had the poster printed on them. Others had the picture in the temporary poster. It was also shocking to see the rigid choir people enjoy themselves. They were actually funny sometimes especially when they were enacting the scene from Rings for Sale.

However, in some parts in this documentary, a narrator or even comments on the screen would have been a lot of help, like what day it was, how close was that to the concert, where they were, etc. There was also a lot of slow motion stuff which caused the program to slow down. While it showed great shots of Fairuz like when she was in the car in the early morning, it wasn't always a good thing.

Overall, it was a nice documentary. I can't wait to watch the concert itself. And hey I learned a new spelling of Fairuz's name, Feirouz!

The Photos

The documentary begins

Advertisements were all over.

Fairuz listening to the choir rehearsing.

About to burst out laughing.

Lengthy rehearsals.

Going out.

With the conductor Mike Herro

Receiving the Las Vegas city key and the city proclamation of May the 15th of '99 as Fairuz's day.

Before ...

With Rima checking the stage.

Promotional merchandise.

These people don't know who they're passing by!

A fan for 40 years meets Fairuz.

Having a laugh with the choir.

The door that would not open.

Rehearsing with the choir.

The final rehearsals.

... and after