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When Assy died in '86, that was not just a brother that Mansour lost, but a life long friend and companion. Mansour was born in 1925, two years after Assy. They bonded together spiritually and musically, and became known to the world as the Rahbani Brothers, the geniuses who came from Antilias but changed and influenced the entire world with their music and talent.
But life goes on.
It's hard to take away Mansour from Assy or Assy from Mansour because they became inseparable for within Mansour exists Assy.
Mansour continues to write plays, he has written three since Assy died 'Alwasia', 'Sayf 840' and 'Akher Ayyam Socrat'. He is also finishing an old play he wrote with Assy back in 1975 but never produced. It's called Zaman Alissa. He's also working on another new play which is called 'Malek Lilejar/A King for Rent'.
Mansour wrote two poetry books, 'Aousafer Wouhdi Malakan/I travel alone a king' and 'Ana Algharib Alakher/I am the other stranger'. The titles of the books imply the loneliness he feels without Assy.

Assy used to sit in his office and Mansour in his own, each one writing poems or music and when Mansour would make a nice piece, he'd go to Assy and show it to him. To this day, Mansour sometimes forgets for a second and says to himself "I have to show this to Assy."