The Last Days of Socrates
The Latest Musical Play From Mansour Rahbani

Opening Day Thursday the 12th of February 1998
On Casino Lebanon Theater

News: Mansour Rahbani has published the poems of his latest musical 'Last Days Of Socrates' in a book. He has also said that the play is going to be available on 3 CDs/Tapes, one of the music, one of the songs and one of the spoken dialouge.

Socrates ... the first truth seeking martyr is revived in this magnificent new musical play written by the legendary Mansour Rahbani, one the famous Rahbani brothers who revolutionized modern Arab music. This play will be the first on Casino Lebanon theater since its recent reconstruction. Mansour recently said the following about the play in a press conference :

"'The last days of Socrates', why? Because it's time to scream, man's pains are completed, because justice has lessened on Earth and because Tyrants continue to attack freedom. We have to summon Socrates to die again in every town's arena. And because Athens' nation in the past is every nation on Earth, for injustice is the same, poverty is the same and taxes that tired them tire us and because we are like them fighting for salvation. For all that, it was to us, my peers and myself, to present this play inviting everyone to join us in generating the struggle for the change ... 'Last days of Socrates' is the tale of the first martyr for the truth, the tale of every town in every place and at any time, it's the tale of all of us who dream for freedom and salvation."

Rafik Ali Ahmed
William Hesoani
Carol Smaiha
Fadi Ibrahim
Asaed Haddad
Nader Khoury

Poems and Music written by Mansour Rahbani
Directed by Marawan Rahbani
Co-Composers : Marwan, Ousama and Gadi Rahbani
Costumes by Gabi Abi Rushed
Set Design by Rougi Zalaf
Dabkat by Sami Khoury
Lighting by Foaud Khoury

Recorded in Elias Rahbani Studio
Music played by Kiev Orchestral symphonic and Lebanese Orchestral symphonic bands
Over 70 Dancers and Performers and 100 actors
(The credits list is not complete)