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Fairuz with the Tunisian president Zain El Abedeen Bin Ali.

Fairuz returned to Cartage after more than thirty years (since Summer 1968) to enchant the thirteen thousand who gathered from all over Tunisia to see and listen to her. Even with precautions, there was no way to prevent such a traffic jam, the cars looked like a bracelet around the 'Palace of Exhibitions' where the concert was held. Fairuz had been in Tunis for some days rehearsing. The show was live, no playback. Fairuz sang twenty songs including 'Jaibly Salam', 'Nassem Alina Alhawa', 'Oudak Ranan' ,'Nehna we Alamar Jiran', 'Ya Hala Ya Hala Ana We Yak', 'Zourouni', 'Tethakor Akher Mara' and 'Bokra Terja Baedo Akid'. After every two or three songs, Fairuz would leave the stage for her band to perform folklore dances using swords and guns or sing old songs. During the last songs all of the audience was listening while standing up. Whenever Fairuz was leaving, they ask for more and she returns overwhelmed by the applause.

Fairuz was given the highest cultural award early Sunday in the presidential palace of Cartage by the Tunisian president Zain ElAbedeen Ben Ali. He said that the reason why they were honoring her was because of her greatness in the Arabic music and because of the peace and tolerance which her songs promote. He also showed his gratitude for her art and her position as a sun in the Arabic Music.

Source: Alhayat. Issue 13040. Monday. 16 November 1998. Back Page.

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At the airport
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Fairuz's Message
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At the presidantal palace
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News (contains concert coverage)
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Videos taken from http://www.tunisiatv.com/ They also have the same videos in better quality versions.

Fairuz's Message To The Tunisian People

Fairuz's message to the Tunisians:
I don't speak of anything other than that which I can make and I make. I achieve my goals when my voice and I can change something in the people's misery. That makes me happy. I am the daughter of poverty and I am speaking to the poor ones from this place of mine which is theirs too. It's great that Tunisia thought about the human being. That's the most important thing. I hope that my presence and my voice help reduce the people's pain. I hope that Tunisia be role modeled by other Arab countries to think likewise of their peoples.


(A quick reminder that all the profits from the concert were to be given to charity.)