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Elias Rahbani: A Short Biography
Elias is the youngest and only brother to Assy and Mansour. Born on 1938, when Assy and Mansour were already in their teens. An artistic collaboration like the one that blossomed what we now know as the Rahbani Brothers was not to include Elias for his young age and lack of experience. Nevertheless, Elias has turned out to be a great music composer and song writer himself.
He is married to Nina Khalil and has two sons, Ghassan and Jad who both are also musicians.
He held many professional positions in many institutions most notably Radio Lebanon. He wrote many songs for Fairuz. He also composed music for the theater, Television programs, Radio programs and literally thousands of commercials all over the world. He received many awards and currently owns a studio in Lebanon where many famous works, like some parts of Last Days of Socrates, were produced.
I don't know but Elias shares some resemblance with my favorite filmmaker Woody Allen. What do you think?
Check rahbani.com for a complete resume of Elias and his two sons. There is also a listing of the studio facilities as well as contact information.