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Huda Haddad : A Short Biography
Huda is the sister of Fairuz. However, her participation in the Rahbani projects since the early 1960s is due to her talent and not to her family relationship to Fairuz. When Fairuz started to become a major star in Lebanon and in the Middle East in the 1950s, Huda Haddad was a child. It was not until the start of the Baalbeck International Festivals that Huda appeared on the scene.
While Huda had a sweet voice, it lacked the power and charisma of Fairuz's presence on the stage and Fairuz's strong vocals. In the Rahbani's major productions, Huda played the role of the innocent teenager in love with the charming fellow in the village, or the pretty villager who does a comic part. However, this does not discount Huda's talents as a singer and a performer. It is her long association with Fairuz that paradoxically prevented her from developing a shining solo career.
Huda played in every Fairuz major production. She appears in all three Fairuz movies (Bint al Hares, Baya al Khwatem, and Safarbarlek). She also participated in Fairuz's shows in and outside Lebanon. Huda had her own TV series in which she plays the principal heroine (Min Yawm la Yawm). She also sings the theme song of the series that was very popular in Lebanon in 1971.
Currently Huda is still playing a major role in the Rahbani's projects, most recently in "Socrate" by Mansour Rahbani. Huda has at least 50 own songs (all by the Rahbanis), but does not have any album under her name. You may find her songs throughout Fairuz's large repertoire.
Hoda's Biography By Kamal Dib

Hoda with Reja Badr in one of the Olympia concerts of May 1979