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A Tribute
Fairouz has the purest, most soothing voice I have ever heard. She'll always be unrivaled to me. I've grown with her songs, but I never cared to explore them at that time, thinking this kind of music is for our old folks. Although I liked some of her songs especially 'Habitek Bi-Ilsaif', I kept it to myself. I've done my share of listening to other music, the new Arabic music waves, rap, rock, alternative, metal, you name it. I did all. I now, have abandoned most of that crap, I rediscovered Fairouz and I am not letting go.
I thank you Fairouz. When I hear you sing, your voice penetrates my body. Neither can I explain how beautiful you and your voice both are nor how much I love you.
It's hard to confine or measure the magnitude of the change and the impact the music and songs of the Rahbani brothers did to the entire Arab world. The influence is simply unexplainable. The music that they composed and the poems they wrote are now running in the hearts, the minds and the souls of millions of Arabs throughout the world. It's a great feeling that one has that he was born to this culture, the Arab culture and to be able to enjoy the beauty the Rahbani brothers have been making for more than half a century. I would like to make this tribute to the two men who became one
legend. May God have mercy on Assy's soul and May he bless Mansour and make us enjoy his talent for years and years to come. I would also like to thank both of them. It's hard for me to explain my feelings toward you but there're, at their least, respect and love.

... and not forgetting those who wrote great songs for Fairouz.
I thank you Ziad. The legacy continues.
I thank you Elias. Your contribution to Fairouz songs can't go without recognition.
I thank all of the Rahbanies. You've given me a lot because of your music, poems/lyrics and songs. You all are one indisputable reason of why one should feel proud to be Arab.
I can't go without thanking the late Philmon Wehbe. This man was a genius. He was a master in his craft, composing great songs for Fairuz and many others. He wrote the music for many songs that Joseph Harb wrote the poems for. Songs about the yearning for the lover, the pride of Lebanon, the resistance of occupation and the pain and misery in brothers wars. These songs will remain forever. There are so many others and it's hard to list them all, but you know who you are, thank you.