I really don't know what to put on this page. Of course some information on Ziad can be a starter. But you can find this as well as many other things, which I can't make nor do I want to mimic, on the Chadi Chaya's great site 'Ziad Rahbani Online'. Instead as this is a tribute to Ziad, I'll put it in simple words.

Ziad is a true genius whether he likes it or not.

1. Wadon.
2. Mais Elrim.
3. Nazl Assourour.
4. Bema Enno.
5. Joesph Sakr.
6. Ziad's Wit.
7. Abou Ali.
8. Belafrah.
9. Oudak Ranan.
10. Sahriye.
This is in no particular order. And the songs listed are only of the records I have. I still have other plays and songs to get and listen to. Also this doesn't mean the other songs don't mean much to me, I limited the list to ten entries, if I didn't, I would have typed down track listings of all the albums.
SOON! Listen to selections from the above list.
Also check the page containing related images.

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