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Sah Annom / Wake Up (Piccadilly/Damascus 1971)

Booklet Summary (contains plot spoilers):
People stand around the public square, awaiting full moon, petitions in hand for the Wali to sign. The Wali wakes up only on such a day every month and signs three petitions only to preserve the state's historical stamp.
Among the crowd, Krunful, petition in hand, waits for the Wali to stamp it. Six full moons had passed and her petition was not stamped yet. The Wali appears, as the moon rises in the sky. Cheers are heard as the traditional ceremonies start. People rush and place their petitions in front of the Wali who selects three, stamps them and being overcome by slumber goes back to sleep. When the square becomes deserted, Krunful who hid behind the Wali's chair, steals the official stamp and stamps all petitions, then throws the stamp into an old empty well. Petitioners, seeing their petitions stamped, start working. A month passes by, the Wali wakes up and discovers the theft of the the stamp. Interrogations reveal that Krunful as the theif. She is sentenced to be tied to a wild horse and let loose for the rest of her life. But the sentence needed the stamp to validate it. Krunful brings back the stamp from the well after the Wali promised to forgive her.

Quick notes:
This version of the play was recorded in Damascus as is obvious from the starting song. The audio quality of the play is good, but not great. This is the first time that the play is presented in its entirety. The booklet could have benefited from production notes, but like the rest of the plays, it gets minimal treatment and only some pictures are included. It's worthy to note however, that unlike the versions on the other albums, the Zoroni song included with this play is the complete one.


Fairuz ... Erenfol
Nasri Shamseddine ... Zaydoun Almoustashar
Antoine Kerbaj ... Alwali
Elie Choueiri ... Shaker Elkendarji
William Haswani ... Ayed El Harass
With Huda and Joseph Nassif.
All Songs were written and composed by The Rahbani Brothers except:
Sham Ya Thal Sayf: Poem by Said Akl
Zourouni: Written by Said Darwich

Photos by Varoujan

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Download Sah Annom wallpaper (800x600)


Erenfol with her umbrella

Erenfol with Zaydoun

Compact Disc Tracks:
CD1 (72'06")
1. Sham Ya Thal Sayf 9'15"
2. First Introduction 2'36"
3. Shou Ya Mnaoudijiye 2'09"
4. Terkibi 2'26"
5. Allah ma'al Ekhwan 7'07"
6. Rish May 56"
7. Baadak Habibi 3'19"
8. Doukhoul Al Wali 2'16"
9. Dialogue Al Wali 7'53"
10. Shaker El Kendarji 1'
11. Min Ma Kan 3'15"
12. Dialogue El Khatm 2'34"
13. Kol Shar Wenta Bekheir 1'06"
14. Ya Mawlana Al Wali 5'41"
15. Dialogue Kronfol & Wali 1'28"
16. Kronfol Ya Kronfol 2'35"
17. Kronfol & Zaydoun 3'17"
18. Kawlkon Laich ma Khatam 41"
19. Allou Idaykon 1'27"
20. Ya Mdallali 2'22"
21. Dialogue Kronfol & Leila 54"
22. Iza Al Tahouni 3'46"
23. Dialogue Kronfol & Shaker 41"
24. Wayn Baddou El Dib 3'11"
CD2 (52'37")
1. Second Introduction 1'48"
2. Shou Ya Mnaoudirjiye 2'26"
3. Ya Amar Ya Amar 2'52"
4. Ya Kronfol ana ma Bensaki 2'17"
5. Dialogue Al Wali 1'49"
6. Rah El Shaher 3'03"
7. Haydi El Saha 3'33"
8. Ya Ekhwan 4'16"
9. Mawlana Ba'etni 1'51"
10. Al Bir Al Mahjour 3'49"
11. Kronfol & Shaker 2'36"
12. Kronfol & Wali 1'31"
13. Sameh'ha 2'11"
14. El Bint El Bassita 1'22"
15. Ya Ayed El Harass 2'29"
16. Nezlet Ala Bir 2'32"
17. Hayda El Khatem 1'17"
18. Naom El Hana 2'32"
19. Haq Min Allah 1'02"
20. Ya Rayeh A Kfarhala 4'18"
21. Zourouni 2'52"

Approx. time 124'43" - VDLCD 636/7