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This part contains information about all the musical plays and the films that The Rahbani Brothers wrote.
Early Baalbeck Festivals/Performances
1957 'Ayam Al-Hassad' (Days Of Harvest)
1959 'Ores Fi Al-Karia' (A Wedding in The Village)
1960 'Mousem Elezz' (Season Of Pride/Wealth)
1961 'AlBaalbakiya' (The Balabakian)
1962 ''Aodit El-Asker' (Return of the Soldiers)

1962 'Jisr El Qamar' (Bridge of the Moon)
1963 'El-Layl Wel Kandil' (The Night and The Lantern)
1964 'Bia'a El-Khawatem' (Rings For Sale)
1966 'Ayyam Fakhreddeen' (The Days Of Fakhreddeen)
1967 'Hala Wel Malek' (Hala and the King)
1968 'Al-Shakis' (The Person)
1969 'Jibal Esawan' (Mountains of Esawan)
1970 'Ya'aish Ya'ish' (Long live the ...)
1971 'Sah Annom' (Wake Up)
1972 'Nas Men Warak' (People made of paper)
1972 'Natorit El-Mafatih' (Keys Keeper)
1973 'Al-Mahatta' (The Station)
1974 'Loulou'
1975 'Mais Elreem'
1977 'Petra'

And not with Fairuz
1965 'Dawalib El-Hawa' (The Pinwheels)
1980 'Al-Moamara Mostamra' (The Conspiracy Continues)
1981 'Alrabi Al-Sabi'a' (The Seventh Fall)

Mansour's Plays (none with Fairuz)
1987 'Sayf 840' (Summer of 840)
1993 'Alwasia' (The Will)
1998 'Akher Ayyam Socrat' (Last Days Of Socrates)
2000 'Wa Qama fi Alyoum Athaleth' (And He Rose On The
          Third Day)

1964 'Bia'a El-Khawatem' (Rings For Sale)
1967 'Saferbarlek' (The Exile)
1968 'Bint Al-Harass' (The Guard's Daughter)

Sketches/Television Programs
1963 'Aleswara' (The Bracelet)

(All the plays (till 1977) were directed by Sabri Sharif except Almahatta, Mais Elrim and Petra by Berge Vazilian.)

Baalbeck: Baalbeck International Festivals (Temple of Jupiter, Baalbeck, Lebanon)
Damascus: Damascus Annual International Festival (Damascus, Syria)
Piccadilly: Piccadilly Theater (Beirut, Lebanon)

Album Reviews
Reviews of the CDs. These are not to evaluate the albums as they are all just great, even those I haven't yet heard. They're more likely to give you information about the albums, track lists, etc.
There are also other compilation albums including Fayrouziat 1, 2, 3 and 4, as well as another album which contains the music from the musical plays. And let's not start with the bootlegged and pirated albums.
Albums: (Those Available on Compact Discs)
Allayl Anashid
Ana We Sahrana
Bi Layl We Chiti
Chante Philemon Wehbe
Chante Zaki Nassif
Christmas Carols
Christmas Hymns
Dabke 3
Dabkat Vol. 1 & 2
Damascus Festival 1960
Fairuz in Concert at The Olympia- Paris
Good Friday
Houmoum Alhob
Immortal Songs
Jerusalem In My Heart
Kifa Inta
Lebanon Forever
Live at Beiteddine 2000

Maerefti Fik
Mish Kayen Hayk T'koun
Oriental Evening
Poeme D'Amour
Reminiscing with Fairuz
Royal Festival Hall Concert
Safarbarlek/Bint Al-Harass
Safiarat AlArab
Shat Iskendaria
Soiree Avec Fairuz 2
To Assy
The Very Best of Fairuz
Ya Rayeh
Ya Tara Nessina
Yes'ed Sabahak

Song Lyrics/Poems
Over 400 song lyrics are available, as well as the dialogue lines of some sketches. Having transcribed most of the lyrics myself, they are not perfectly accurate and corrections are very appreciated. You should go to the album track list and/or the song list and read the information on the corresponding album(s) if you want a list of the titles of the lyrics available in the following pages. Check the corresponding album review for the titles in Latin fonts.
Alayl Anashid
Ana we Sehrana
Bilayal we Chiti
Chante Philemon Webhe
Chante Zaki Nassif
Christmas Carols
Christmas Hymns
Dabkat Vol. 1 & 2
Damascus Festival 1960
Fairuz in Concert at The Olympia- Paris
Good Friday
Houmoum Elhob
Immortal Songs
Jerusalem in my heart
Kifk Inta
Lebanon Forever
Live at Beiteddine 2000

Maarfiti Feek
Mish Kayen Hayk T'Koun
Oriental Evening
Poeme D'Amour
Royal Festival Hall Concert
Reminiscing with Fairuz
Safarbarlek/Bint Elharess
Safiarat AlArab
Shat Iskanderia
Soiree Avec Fairuz
To Assy
Very Best of Fairuz
Ya Rayeh
Ya Tara Nessina
Yes'ed Sabahak

Nasri's Lyrics: A collection of the lyrics of songs of Nasri Shameseddine.
Misc. Lyrics: Here you will find lyrics of songs that are only available in the plays.
Translated Lyrics: Page 1 | Page 2: Some of the songs roughly translated to English. Translating songs and poetry is very difficult, however this attempt was made to provide you with an idea of what the songs are talking about.

Newspaper Articles

The articles below are available for
educational purposes only.

Las Vegas 99: 17 May 1999
Sah Annoum review: 24 January 2000
Articles about Elhershayii and Elaghani: 29 April and 13 May 2000

Baalbeck 98: 14/15 August 1998
Las Vegas 99: 8 May, 15 May and 17 May 1999
Geneva Conventions: 22 July, 3 August and 13 August 1999

Good Friday: 3 April 1999
Las Vegas 99: 17 May 1999
Assy Rahbani: 22 May 1999

PDF Articles:
Alhayat: Baalbeck 98 review 18 August 1998, page 18
Alhayat: Baalbeck 98: Interview with Elias 25 August 1998, page 18
Alhayat: Nizar Morrow interview with Ziad Rahbani 12 December 1998, page 17

The Baalbeck 61 Festival Booklet

Book Reviews
'The Rahbani Brothers: Life and Theater: Characteristics of Dramatic Literary' by Professor Nabil Abou Mourad.
'About The Lebanese Arabic Music and The Musical Rahbani Theater' By Nizar Morrowa
'I Am The Other Stranger/I Travel Alone a King' by Mansour Rahbani
'Suddenly' by Rima Rahbani.
1. Alwasat magazine ran a series of articles on the Rahbani cultural heritage based on interviews with Mansour Rahabni. The series was written by the famous Lebanese poet Henry Zogaib. It was scanned by Alain. It's available as scanned jpg pictures which means it's only available in Arabic. Future plans include a translation, but not now because of the big amount of work needed. For English information on Fairouz and the Rahbani brothers check the tributes section. (But you can also check the following articles for they contain photos)
Part 1: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Part 2: 1, 2, 3, 4. Part 3: 1, 2, 3, 4. Part 4: 1, 2, 3, 4.
Part 5: 1, 2, 3, 4. Part 6: 1, 2, 3, 4. Part 7: 1, 2, 3, 4. Part 8: 1, 2, 3, 4.
The pictures are big in size. No resizing was made so that the text will remain understandable.
Unfortunately, part 6c of the interview is not available.
(Other interviews will be added when become available.)

Contributed Articles
1. An award winning essay about Fairuz by Soha Moussa.
2. Arab Dreamer's: The Millennium Song - A message of peace from the East
3. Arab Dreamer's: Mansour is half of one whole: The Rahbani Brothers
4. Arab Dreamer's: About distorted media stories/ The difference between a flower and a weed/ Music to the ears
5. Ghia M. Aweida: A poem called "Fairouz"

Miscellaneous Articles
1. This is a lengthy article that was published in a book called 'Lebanon: Contemporary Faces'. Edited by Farouk Mourdem Bek and published with the help of the 'Institut du Monde Arabe'. It contains 16 chapters on 16 Lebanese writers and artists. This is the one on Assy.
2. A poem written by Talal Hayder in 1987 titled 'Assy' and dedicated to Ziad Rahbani. It can be found in Aan Elawan poetry book.
3. Two poems written by Rima Rahbani in 1986.
4. Articles from the Nizar Morrowa book (Arabic):
Vairous articles and excerpts from books and CD booklets.
1. The Growing Collection of CD Booklet Articles
2. 'Champions for Peace' by Nelda Lateef. This book's full title is 'Women of Lebanon: Interviews with Champions for Peace'. You can buy it from Read the interview with Fairuz: Page 1, pages 2 and 3, pages 4 and 5.
3. 'The Godly Treasure - True History of Ahl Etarab' by George Ibrahim ElKhoury. He wrote this article on Fairouz and it can be found in the book. Again, the text is in Arabic. (Doesn't contain photos)
It was scanned by Alain. Divided into four parts: 1, 2, 3, 4.
(Other articles will be added when become available.)