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Rare Songs and Sketches:
1. Ya'oni Sha'abii (613 kilobytes/ 5'15") ياقوني شعبيي
Written by Joseph Harb (poem) and Philemon Wehbe (music)
Weekly Songs:
Listen to or download the clip from the contents page.

If you are wondering why there aren't that many audio and video files online, then read this note.

There is a number of video clips on the site that are available at all times. Here is where you can find them.
1. There is a short report in the Baalbeck special.
2. The Tunsian concert page contains four different videos.
3. The Las Vegas concert page has one long report.
4. The Geneva special has three.
5. Each of the film information centers features a song. The links are accessible from the articles section.

1. Al-Mashriq
These pictures are taken from Al-Mashriq site.
2. Various Pictures
This is a collection of pictures that are mostly scanned. Check with the acknowledgment section.
3. Rahbani Brothers
Pictures of the Rahbani brothers. There are some of Elias' too.

1. A3tani Alnay atenni.mid 53.9 KB
2. Adaysh adaysh.mid 39.6 KB
3. Bektob Esmak bakteb.mid 52.4 KB
4. Habaytek Basaif habaitk.mid 43.8 KB
5. Nassam Alyna Alhawa nassam.mid 64.1 KB
6. Nassam Alyna Alhawa nassam2.mid 77.1 KB
7. Sa'aloony Anas salooney.mid 77.5 KB
8. Tahoon tahoon.mid 73.3 KB
2,6,7,8 were uploaded/made by Dr. Ra'id Marji.
3 by Johny Abu-Nassar and 4 by Hisham Medhat.
The files and credits information were taken from: Arab Midi.