1. Tributes: In this section, you can find the biographies of Fairouz and the Rahbani Brothers. There are also tributes and information about Elias Rahbani, Huda, Nasri Shamseddin, Zaki Nassif, Sabri Sharif, Said Akl, Joesph Harb, Talal Hayder, Michel Trad and Berj Vazilian. Newest tribute is of Ziad Rahbani. Philemon Wehbe and the cast that have worked through the years in the Rahbani Troupe coming soon.

2. Articles: Information centers for the plays and the films, album reviews, complete, and as accurate as possible, lyrics of almost all of Fairuz' solo albums, book reviews, interviews and excerpts from books and newspapers.

3. Files: Here you will find information about the songs available online, the audio and video clips, the picture galleries, the downloads including midi files and more.

4. Lists: Currently you can find the family tree of Fairuz and the Rahbani Brothers, timeline of major events, and the song lists compiled from the available albums.

5. Interactive: Here is where you should head if you want to interact with other Fairouz fans. This section includes a message board, guestbook, weekly polls' archives, free email address as well as a chat room.

6. Specials: The links, Quds tribute, Baalbeck98, the 'Last Days of Socrates' information center, Assy's Memorial, Mansour After Assy, Fairouz in Tunisia, Good Friday prayers, Beiteddine 2000, and South Lebanon special. You can also find extensive information on the 15th of May '99 Las Vegas concert and Fairuz's participation in the 50th anniversary of the Geneva Conventions. (Many of these specials contain video and audio clips.)

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