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This is yet another compilation album. It's made up of ten tracks. In Voix del'Orient search to make enough money off Fairuz, they couldn't even come up with a title for the album. But anyway it's nice to take with you when you're travling. That's what compilation albums are most good for. However the techincal quality varies from song to another. There aren't enough information in the booklet to tell who wrote what poem, except Mecca which I know was written by Saiid Akl.

All Songs were written by: The Rahbani Brothers

Album tracks:
1. Behabak Ya Lebnan 6'02"
2. Ghannaito Mecca 14'32"
3. Akher Ayam Elsayyfieh 2'55"
4. Sa'alouni Alnas 3'32"
5. Nassam Alyna Alhawa 4'02"
6. Allah Ma'ek Ya Hawana 4'23"
7. Sakana Ellayl 6'45"
8. Shatty Ya Daneii 2'41"
9. Ya Mayelah AlGhouson 3'08"
10. Khatat Adamkon 4'00"

Approx. time 52'21" - VDLCD 502

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